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    Another question……always had imaginary friends and still do as an adults talk to myself. But do this at home and in ways so no one knows. I sort of like quiet but noise as well. I like sitting in dark with the tv one. When younger, did hear my name out loud when I was only one in room. Do on occasion heat ringing in ears but once in awhile. Other than being called nuts….lol and am perfectly healthy, other magical non medical stuff?

    • Not sure honestly. It sounds like multiple incidents and they might be different. I do hear my name being called, and have ringing in my ears. I was told that the ringing in my ears was when a hair in my middle ear died and that would be the last time I would hear that specific sound. Our ears are constantly dying, which is why hearing changes with age. I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely all science based, but I’m also not the kind to assume that it’s 100% spiritual.

    • Ok good info to know at least know not nuts but also other explanations. Hey all info can get helps….thanks

    • Ok how can I DM you bout doing first spell? Am ready and shouldn’t be afraid just more confident. So any help is appreciated


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