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    1 year, 8 months ago

    If anybody is looking for the charmed equivalent of a magic grimoire then I might have a solution for you. It has to be kept indoors and it has to be kept chilled. fire and heat (above 80f)will cause the text to disappear. as will excess water, moisture(and obviously friction) . a book of frixion written text on frixion special paper, bound another way. may your places of residence be kept uniquely you, and holy.

    have a blessed day. btw, this is the opposite of some demonology books, like the ora linda. And to turn the table on a few demon worshippers here on left hand path if they think they can open a Hellgate then we can insist on the gates and archangels of heaven be continued to be passed through, and travel to those here- as the (high) priest of mentu left open for us, by spell years ago. I’m touching on Crowley’s work here for a minute – but If you read the text correctly, and not take his stance on translating the document(steel, gravestone) – He has leaving the heavenly path and way of illumination open from the heavens, on both sides.

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