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    2 years, 5 months ago ·

    I don’t know if anyone can see this…I hope so though! I am currently in the process of learning how to use my crystals and have used my pendulum for the first times in the past couple of weeks which has been an amazing experience so far. I was gifted an obsidian one by a good friend not long ago and I finally cleansed and used it!

    • That’s amazing! I love the newbies because I remember the process of learning all of this stuff like it was yesterday. there’s so much to learn, just enjoy the process and follow your intuition and you’ll be right as rain 🙂

      • I just need some help mostly! Since I was a child but more often over the past few years, I have really had a few unsettling experiences where I “feel” people passing away. It’s happened with a boy who I dreamed was in my old room, bleeding but calm. He said I was kind as I offered him help, but that he had to go. He got up and left, and the next day a friend of mine who still lived in the area called me the next day to tell me a boy had sadly lost his life in knife crime. He had been mistaken for someone else and set upon. I “felt” a friend of mine leave, he just popped into my mind one afternoon after a about 18 months of not being in touch. I was cleaning the living room and I just felt him saying “see ya later” I had the overwhelming need to reach out to him so I sent him a text. His sister replied saying he had passed away that afternoon.

        • The last one is from last week. My cousin’s girlfriend had suffered with her mental health in the past few years. It came to a head last Tuesday when I was in work, getting on with it as I do, when all of a sudden her name just flashed into my mind. I couldn’t work out who it was to begin with, but then my cousin flashed into my mind with it. I found out that evening that she had sadly committed suicide that afternoon before my cousin got home from work. He found her in the garage. I had only met her a few times, so wasn’t what I would call close to her. I’ve also been visited by my nan a few times in my dreams, once when my eldest was born and again just before I got married. I don’t understand how I do this, and it’s hard to explain how I just “know” things. I have no control over it at all, either. Like I can’t do it at will, it just…happens.

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