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  • December 16
  • Spell working, Divination, Psychic Talents (ESP), Tarot, Dream Interpretation
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December 16

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I’m just little old me finding my way in this world!
I love going on hikes through the countryside, camping and have a great respect for our environment. I’ve never followed a religion but I’ve always felt there’s something “more” and that has led me here. Dreams that have happened…”feeling” friends and people connected to me pass away just somehow “knowing” it’s happening…telling people what will happen minutes before it actually does (actually got a guest bed ready for my aunt when I was about 10 because I knew her car wouldn’t start when she got up to leave after a visit one evening. My mum was like “whaaaaat?!”) I’ve had several paranormal experiences growing up and into adulthood…stuff I cannot explain. There is definitely more for me and I am ready to embrace it now.
I’m looking forward to taking the next step in my journey!


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