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  • December 16
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  • My mother in law passed away Sunday the 14th, the place she was at was not properly taking care of her and it caused her death…so now me and my family are trying to get up the money we need to cremate her and pay off her bills she left behind…I was the last one to hear her speak and it was the first time she ever told me she loved me…my…Read More

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    • Oh @lunargypsy I’m so sorry to hear this. I do hope that you are doing better and that you’re healing. I’m sending you some warm healing energy now 💕 if you need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open

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    I think my house I recently moved into is haunted…

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    • OMGoddess…. tell all… details! I love a good haunted house! I actually need details to help you remedy it

    • bloody hell. You’ll need black obsidian and lots of sage, and maybe some frankincense. burn the sage and frankincense around every corner of the house telling the beings to leave as this is not their resting place. then put the obsidian at the four corners of the house, and bury them. Then say any protection prayer or chant you know, and ask the…Read More

    • Let me know if this works

      • I didn’t get to do it, as soon as I started getting all the stuff my mother in law ended up having a seizure and has been fighting for her life ever since. Her health started to really decline after the one shadow figure touched her and now we don’t know if she is going to live or die.


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