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    2 years, 3 months ago ·

    I think my house I recently moved into is haunted…

    • OMGoddess…. tell all… details! I love a good haunted house! I actually need details to help you remedy it

      • I think its possibly more than one deity, my brother in law has seen a dark figure about the size of a child roam my house, I keep seeing a dark figure in my walk in closet, and recently my mother in law was sleeping and she was touched and it has her scared to go back into the one spare room. I have only once seen a big bald man stand at the foot of my bed and stare at me. My 5 year old saw something with green eyes roaming my kitchen and it will stare at her. The only thing I know about this house is it was built in 1980 and my back yard goes into dense woods.

        • bloody hell. You’ll need black obsidian and lots of sage, and maybe some frankincense. burn the sage and frankincense around every corner of the house telling the beings to leave as this is not their resting place. then put the obsidian at the four corners of the house, and bury them. Then say any protection prayer or chant you know, and ask the Goddess or whatever deity you commune with to cast a protection bubble around your house. doesn’t matter the moon phase to do this, but the new and full moons are both good to do a protection like this.

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