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  • When your heart breaks so totally and completely that you just want to crawl into a hole and die of soul crushing sadness

    • Don’t worry, it will pass @princess
      Hang in there.
      We’re all gifted darkness in our lifetime but the darkness is only there to coax the light out.
      Amplify your light and cast the darkness out!

    • You’ll look back on this later on and realize why you have to go through things like this. @princess no sculpture has ever been made without the hard experience of having to chip away at it. This is just a chip that will made you into a work of beauty. 😊

  • I am going through a crisis at school. I feel depressed. I want boys and then I just want them to leave. I mess with their emotions and lead them on. I flirt and giggle. But in reality I build walls so that nobody can get close to me. I believe that to love is to break the person your loving. But I also believe that to be loved is to be broken. I…Read More

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    • Hey Rosemary, I think you’re hurting in ways that most people won’t understand. You’re also focused on your relationships as opposed to what is really important here: building YOURSELF. In terms of relationships, you have to be 100% and bring your best to a relationship. So focus on yourself. FIx yourself, heal your broken heart, become a…Read More

  • I am still in love with my ex.

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  • Trust and love make you want to rip out your own heart just so you don’t have to feel the pain of a thousand deaths.

  • Hello I am doing a report on myths for my english class. If you have any Hindu or Celtic myths then I would very much appreciate it very much. Please post them for me.

    • Celtic Myths in English Class??? Oh the irony!!!
      Try a search on Compert Con Culainn, going from memory a group of people were out hunting magic birds… like that wasnt interesting enough a storm comes and they find refuge in a small house, the hostess greets them by going into labor… and the horses in the barn go into labor at the same tim…Read More

  • Hello I am doing a report on myths for my english class. If you have any Hindu or Celtic myths then I would very much appreciate it very much. Please post them for me.

  • Dear adoring fans,
    Ok I was kidding about the adoring fans. But I am gorgeous. My name is Renee Nichole Hill. I was born April 15, 2002. I was born on Tax day so my dad would call me the devils daughter. My moms name is Renee Nichole Devault. My dads name is Robert Wayne Hill. I have two blood siblings. My sister is Karista. But I call her Crissa.…Read More

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    • Just read this. Sounds like life has dealt you a hard hand there. If you want to talk more about this, privately, I’m here. Hang in there. I’m a bit older than you, but we have some commonalities. You can get through this, because if I can, ANYONE can. 🙂

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