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    People have said to me “you cannot worship two masters”…. I have an issue with that, first of all, I hate all these ‘rules’ people randomly make up and act like they are 100% fact. They are just opinions like we all have. I feel a close connection with nature and the universe and pagan holidays but that does not mean that i do not know or love Christ. This group is interesting to me bc it is the first time i have seen that it is ok to have “two masters” or, that simply, people can be a combination of thoughts, feelings and beliefs….

    • We have always believed that humans have the ability to choose what is right for them. We’re always better humans if we can choose for ourselves and not have a group of elitists tell us what to do and how to do it. Do what feels right to you. That’s the beauty of human nature.

    • Yes I agree. I also have learned that some closed minded people you just have to keep yourself private with (and not give any of your opinions to) or you’ll be judged. I am grateful that I have found a few (just a few) folks who are open minded and so I can have a non superficial discussion with… I am hoping to find more of those people who are not trapped in the rules and regulations of the elite.

    • We are all individuals……I am believing that we can worship more than one diety but still be true to our core beliefs….but I haven’t told a lot about my wiccan studies.


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