The idea behind moon cords is to embrace and preserve specific attributes of moon power which are available during a specific moon phase. These attributes are directed into a length of cord and held there by knots; thus the attributes are available to the witch at any time. For example: you may wish to perform some magick which is appropriate to the waxing moon.

Ideally, you would be wisest to wait until after the moon is new to utilize the most compatible energies for your work. But what if you have good reason not to wait, and what if in linear time the moon is actually waning? No problem, if you have prepared a new moon cord, you can draw upon the new moon power at any time of any month. You can prepare a cord during each phase of the moon, and thus, have available to you the power of each phase. However I strongly suggest that you use the cords only when absolutely necessary, and try to work with the phases of the moon in the sky whenever you can.

To Prepare A Moon Cord

Use a length of coloured wool, or embroidery thread about two feet long. You can have five different colours if you prefer and prepare five cords: new, waxing, full, waning and dark. Or you can simplify matters and use three colours for three cords: new and waxing combined, full,waning and dark combined. I find it sufficient to work with three.

To prepare a cord during the appropriate Moon phase, Light your goddess candle and sit at your altar or work table- or go outside. State which moon phase the cord is aligned to, and call on that aspect of the goddess who rules the phase you wish to put into the cord. This is called charging the cord. Thus for the new and waxing call upon Diana; for the full call upon Selene, for the waning call upon Hecate. It’s a good idea to use your athame for this, as the process is related to drawing down the moon. In a sense, you are drawing her down for each phase to enter your cord, so you may trace a line of power from the moon or flame into your cord, stating words of power.

“By the one power. Working for and through me I hereby call upon you, Diana, To enter this cord with your power to charge this cord enter this cord for the good of all and according to free will for the work ofpositive magic only To aid me in my work at the appropriate times, According to your will as these knots are tied.”Then tie nine knots in the cord, placing them equidistant from one another and use the ninth knot to tie the cord into a circle. then add:” So mote it be”

Place this circle on the altar encircling your Goddess candle, and leave it there for awhile, meditating if you wish on the phase of the moon with which you have charged the cord. When you feel your work is complete, wind the cord into a compact little entity and enclose it in a tiny pouch or box.

When you work with a moon cord either hold it in your hand or place around your goddess candle, as you do specific magic for which you need it’s aid. When you are finished, put it back in it’s holder. You may take it out and hold it under the moon during it’s name phase, to recharge it, but this is not absolutely essential. There is no drain on moon power, such as with a battery. The power is in the moon cord to stay.

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