The Nature Mage is part of their environment. Their intimate bond with nature affords them priveleges in communication and sensation that most people will miss out on — things which can be beneficial to the mental or physical well-being of the caster in certain circumstances. The most curious thing about nature magics is the view that many of them tend to adopt concerning their position in the universe. Their cosmology tends to turn to a neo-wiccan or druidic stand-point, declaring themselves as one with the grand order of nature and born of the earth. Harmony and balance tend to be something strived for as well.

With lesser emphasis on harmony, which tends to sway in accordance with the personal preferences of the caster, balance seems to be a universally key issue among nature mages. Finding their place in the world and in the cosmos by communicating with the earth, earth spirits, or the spirit of earth itself are among the many methods used.

There are historical reflections of these methods in the druidic traditions of grove growing, the shamanic tradition of vision quests, and the ancient Greek methods of talking to the sprites of individual trees, stones, and areas. roves inhabited by many famous spirits of the trees such as the nymph, dryad, sprite, pixie, and the Green Man (who was somewhat of a patron deity to the druids, at one point) and others, the Nature Mage may be granted boons for their adept sensitivity and care for their environment in many literatures, and it is a continued habit of the modern nature mage to try to not excessively disturb their surroundings.

For a Nature Mage, being in tune with nature and harmonious with all things is the highest calling. Their sensitivity to the “qi of plants” allows for understanding beyond the norm and a will to discover more of the world around us. The stolid druid, the solemn shaman, and the wise mystagogue are all part of the traditions of nature magic which live on in modern practice.

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