Fidelity, marriage, peace, money.

Assures fidelity in love and is used to attract a marriage partner.

Inspires fruitfulness and security in love, family, and business.


The oil from the pericarp is cholagogue, a nourishing demulcent, emollient and laxative.

Eating the oil reduces gastric secretions and is therefore of benefit to patients suffering from hyperacidity.

The oil is also used internally as a laxative and to treat peptic ulcers. It is used externally to treat pruritis, the effects of stings or burns and as a vehicle for liniments.

Used with alcohol it is a good hair tonic and used with oil of rosemary it is a good treatment for dandruff.

The oil is also commonly used as a base for liniments and ointments.

The leaves are antiseptic, astringent, febrifuge and sedative.

A decoction is used in treating obstinate fevers, they also have a tranquillising effect on nervous tension and hypertension.

Experimentally, they have been shown to decrease blood sugar levels by 17 – 23%. Externally, they are applied to abrasions.

The bark is astringent, bitter and febrifuge.

It is said to be a substitute for quinine in the treatment of malaria.

In warm countries the bark exudes a gum-like substance that has been used as a vulnerary.

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