Take a moment and think about the peace you would feel if you had a direct line of communication with God and the angels. You could release your worries and ask for help. You could ask questions to be answered by higher guidance. You could feel a team of angels surrounding you in love and support so you would never feel alone again. Feel the desire in your heart and open the lines of communication to invite the angels into your life. Be open to receive the gifts, blessings, and miracles that are waiting for you.


Believing something to be possible opens the door to experience. So are you ready to take your first step? Invite the angels into your life and choose to believe in their existence. Ask them to plant a seed of faith into your heart so you can trust and believe the angels are there for you in unconditional love. Take a moment and breathe with the angels and ask them to help you believe.

To enhance your belief in the angels, read more about them, learn all that you can, and surround yourself with others who believe. As you expand your awareness to the possibilities that exist, you increase your opportunities to experience it for yourself. Trust that the angels want you to believe in them so they can make your life better.

Believing in God and the angels requires patience. You want certain things to happen now and sometimes it’s just a matter of time. During these restless moments, pray for patience, keep the faith, and believe the angels are working behind the scenes. Ask the angels to empower you with patience and perseverance and trust that your desire is coming to fruition.

Here’s a prayer you can say to the angels: “Dearest angels, please help me believe in your presence and show me that you are there for me in all ways, always. Help me believe that anything is possible when you have faith and trust in God and the angels. Thank you.”

Learning Opens Awareness

Learning something new provides you with the opportunity to experience something different. This is especially important when opening up to the angels. The angels’ world is not tangible; you cannot touch it and you cannot see it with the human eye. Therefore, you must expand your awareness to think outside of the box.

As you walk your spiritual path and you learn more about the angels, you may release some of your old religious beliefs. What you learned as a child may no longer be true and it might not feel right anymore. Trust and be patient with yourself if you are going through these changes.

If you want to increase your intuitive abilities so you can communicate with the angelic realm, study and learn as much as you can. Your desire and motivation creates the energy of enthusiasm that is like a magnet, drawing to you everything that you need to develop your skills.

It’s important to understand that the angels communicate with you through your database of information and knowledge. So as you expand your knowledge and you enhance your intuition, they have more ways to communicate with you. For example, if the angels see that you are paying attention to coincidences and synchronicities, then they will use this method of communication to get your attention.

Be open and excited to learn something new. Experiment with the exercises throughout this book. Check into your feelings and discover what feels right for you. Then store those thoughts in your spiritual toolbox, a place in your mind where you hold all your spiritual teachings. These tools will become very valuable as you learn to communicate with the angels and receive messages of divine guidance. They can also come in very handy when you need the spiritual support to get through life’s difficulties and challenges.

Here is a prayer you can say for learning and growth:

“I am open and willing to expand my awareness to the possibilities of working with the angels by my side. Show me, angels, what’s in my highest and best, better than I could ever imagine. I trust that you will guide me down the path that God wants me to follow.”


Your focused desire to create a deeper connection with God and the angels will make things happen. Start by having a heart-to-heart dialog with your angels to open the lines of communication. Talk to the angels as if you were talking to your best friend and share with them your deepest desires and wishes. Remember, they already know who you are and everything there is to know about you. They are excited to make the connection with you and to help you in any way they can.

One way you can do this is to write a letter to the angels. Put your desires on paper and share with them why you are ready to connect with them at this time. Speak from your heart. Share your fears, worries, and concerns and ask them to help you manifest your true desires.

There is no right or wrong way to state your desires to the angels. You can express them to your angels in your thoughts or you can focus on them during meditation. You can write your desires in a letter or you can call out to the angels and simply say, “Show me peace.” It’s not about the way you do it, it is important to just do it.

Take some quiet time for yourself and find a peaceful place to sit. You can start your letter by saying, “Dearest angels” … and then allow your thoughts to flow on to paper. Try not to think, just write. When you’re finished, put your letter away and release your desires to the angels with love. Say thank you in advance for all the help and guidance coming your way. The angels stand by your side waiting for you to ask for their help. As you give them your desires they become your team in spirit, working behind the scenes to make things happen.

The Power of Intention

After you share your desires and wishes with the angels, take another step and get clear about your intentions. An intention declares your determination and effort to obtain a goal. When you state your intentions to the angels you set a powerful energy into motion. Your intentions are an invisible force of energy that makes things happen. Get clear about what you want and the rewards will be well worth the effort.

Remember, when working with the law of free will and free choice, you need to ask the angels for help. Get clear about what you want and why you need help. Then express or write your intentions and ask the angels for help. When you claim your intentions and put them into action, you ignite the divine power within you to make things happen.

Imagine what the results can be when you combine your power with the team of angels waiting to assist you. Miracles happen, and you realize the possibilities are endless as you open up to help, guidance, and clear communication with God and the angels.

Here are some examples of stating your intentions:

  • Help me release my fears that block clear communication with God and the angels.
  • Heal my wounds from any past experiences that may block clear communication with God and the angels.
  • Build my faith and trust so I can believe in the existence of God and the angels.
  • Help me hear, see, and feel your presence around me.
  • Help me notice the ways in which the angels are trying attention to answer my prayers.
  • Show me the books and guide me to the people that will help me communicate with God and the angels.

Notice which intentions feel right for you and declare them to your angels. You can repeat them in your thoughts, you can write them down on paper, or you can speak them out loud. The way you choose to express your intentions each carries a different vibration of energy. Notice what the energy feels like when you repeat your intentions in your thoughts. Then feel the energy increase when you write them. Then feel the energy expand once again when you say them out loud. The more energy you put into your intentions the more powerful they become.

Focus on What You Want

You are a powerful person and you can manifest what you desire with the help of the angels. It’s important to take responsibility and own your individual power. One way you can do this is to choose your thoughts and words wisely. Have you ever heard the saying, “As you think, so shall you be”? Your thoughts and words influence what you experience in your life.

To clarify this, imagine you are surrounded by a magnetic field. Your words and thoughts become the magnetic force that attracts to you what you experience in your everyday life. To phrase it another way, your life becomes a mirror reflection of your thoughts.

A quote by William James: “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.”

There is a key factor to remember as you become this powerful magnetic attraction. Be clear with your intentions and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. The universe does not know the difference between your wants and your don’t wants, it just magnetizes to you what you are focused on.

If you ask for what you want to happen but your thoughts and words are focused on what you don’t want, you are sending out a mixed message to the universe. For example, if your intention is, “Help me hear, see, and feel the presence of the angels around me” but your thoughts and words are focused on, “I can’t see anything. I don’t feel anything,” you are counteracting your intention and blocking your ability to receive what you want.

What if my prayer has not been answered? Does it mean that God did not hear my prayer?
All prayers are heard. Sometimes the answer comes quickly, at other times there’s a delay. Trust that when there is a delay, your prayer will be answered in divine time. God looks at the big picture and He takes all things into consideration. Your prayers are always heard and they will be answered.

Pay attention to your words and thoughts and notice what energy you are sending out. If you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want, stop and change it to what you do want. As you do this, you will be surprised at what happens. Just by changing your thoughts and words, the magic unfolds and what seemed impossible becomes possible. The following are examples of how you can transform and redirect your intention to create what you desire.

Don’t Want – “I don’t know what to believe.”

Do Want – “I believe in angels and miracles.”

Don’t Want – “I am unworthy of God’s love.”

Do Want – “I am worthy of God’s love and guidance.”

Don’t Want – “I am not good enough.”

Do Want – “I am good enough. I deserve the best.”

Don’t Want – “I don’t have time to meditate.”

Do Want – “I listen to my angels in the shower and in the car.”

Don’t Want – “My prayers are not being answered.”

Do Want – “My prayers are answered in divine time.”

Surrender to the Angels

By now you have learned that the number one priority in working with the angels is to ask for help. Once you do this and your request is made, you need to trust and surrender your prayer to God and the angels. This can be hard for some people who have a hard time letting go of control. If this applies to you, contemplate this thought: Do you trust that God and the angels have your best interest in mind? If so, it’s time to surrender.

A wonderful way to surrender is to find or create a surrender box. Another name for it can be your let go and let God box. Place all your desires, wishes, and intentions into this box and then affirm, “I am letting go and letting God. I am open to my highest and best, better than I could ever imagine.”

By doing this ritual, you release it from your control and you give it to God and the angels for miracles to occur. You break free from your human limited thinking and you open up to the unlimited possibilities of divine resolution to occur. Once you surrender, it’s your job to trust. Release your expectations and trust that everything is in divine order. God will take care of all the details.

Your Divine Heritage

It is your natural birthright to connect with God and the angels. When the veil is lifted between heaven and earth there is no separation between you, the angels, and God. You are a child of God and because of your heritage you always have access to the divine. You can receive clear communication with God and the angels and you can tap into the divine wisdom where all knowledge is found.

When looking for background music for meditation, it’s important to find music that enhances relaxation in mind, body, and spirit. Find a bookstore or an online resource where you can listen to the music. Some recommendations are music designed for relaxation, Reiki, massage, or yoga. You can also find some beautiful meditation music with angelic tones in the background.

Meditation is a wonderful way to rediscover this connection between you and the divine. It is a powerful tool to raise your vibration so you can tap into the higher consciousness of the divine mind. In this place of meditation, you can receive helpful insight and guidance from the angels to empower you along your journey.

A Meditation to Reconnect with the Divine

When doing any of the meditations throughout this book, it’s a good idea to record the session on a tape or CD. Then you can easily let go to experience the meditation versus opening and closing your eyes to read the next step. It will enhance your meditation and allow you to go deeper into the experience. Take your time recording and remember to pause in between each step.

Find a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed. You can do this meditation in silence or play soft meditative music in the background.

  • Get as comfortable as you can and take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  • Take another deep breath and let go of everything that happened before you closed your eyes.
  • Take another deep breath and let go of everything that is going to happen after you open your eyes. Now breathe into the present moment and just let go.
  • With intention, fill the room with divine white light and energy and begin to breathe one with that divine light.
  • Ask your angels to surround you in a beautiful circle of love, light, and protection.
  • Remember you are never alone and you are very loved.
  • Now, imagine a beautiful spiritual sun in front of you. This sun is the energy of the divine, God, all that is, including the angels.
  • To become one with this energy and divine light, imagine that you have a plug (just like a lamp has a plug to plug into electricity) coming from your solar plexus and, using your imagination, plug into the spiritual sun.
  • Now breathe in the energy and light from this sun into your body as if every cell in your physical body illuminates with this light.
  • Imagine that you can then breathe into your mind the divine wisdom and guidance you are searching for. Your mind and thoughts illuminate in this light.
  • You feel lighter and more peaceful with every breath that you take.
  • Now your body and your mind are illuminated in this light. You are no longer separate from this divine source. You are one with God, the angels, and all that is.
  • Breathe the light in, be one, feel the peace, feel the love. It is yours and it always has been. (Pause)
  • Before you come back, think of a question you would like answered by divine guidance. Ask the angels for divine guidance and then listen for your answer.
  • Say thank you. To return, just take some nice deep breaths and begin to feel your body, feel yourself back in the room.

Remember, you can plug in any time you choose. Each and every time you do, you reconnect with the divine wisdom and healing that’s rightfully yours.

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