Banishing Powder – Burn if you wish to expel an unwanted visitor from your home.

Beneficial Dreams – To help make one’s dreams come true burn in the bedroom.

Better Business – Burn to encourage customers to your business.

Black Cat – Burn when arising each morning for good fortune.

Black Powder – Burn when you need an increase of strength, control or authority.

Crossing Powder – Use on dolls or images for hexing, or in path of enemy.

Doves Blood – To bring peace of mind, tranquility & happiness.

Dragons Blood – Burn for uncrossing, removing curses and hexes.

Fast Luck – For when a stroke of good luck is needed quickly.

Gold magnetic Sand – Use to feed one’s lodestones, add a pinch or two weekly. Also used to bring customers to your business and charms bags for extra cash.

Silver Magnetic Sand – Use to attract visitors and friendship .. sprinkle across doorway to your home or business.

Hex Breaker – Burn to clear obstacles placed in your way.

Horn of Plenty – Burn in your home once a week for wealth and good fortune.

Peaceful Home – Burn to bring peace and tranquility to the home.

Reversible – Use in every room of the home to purify and allow the healing, uplifting elements to enter.

Shi Shi – Burn to bring money and for when you need a stroke of good fortune..

Spell Breaker – Burn to break spells and dispel all evil influences.

Wealthy Way – To bring blessings in money matters.

Wicca – For use on the Altar .. burn to dedicate wiccan rites.

Black salt – For jinx removing … keeps away evil forces & also bad neighbours.

Hot Foot Powder – Burn this incense to bring peace, success & happiness into your life.

John the Conqueror – Spiritual Incense. Burn to help overcome problems, to conquer fear and enemies, achieve goals.

Protect from Harm – Self lighting incense powder to help provide security from all injury, violence or malicious mischief.

St Jude Powder – For use in situations where all else has failed.

Vesta Powder – To honour Vesta, Magickal workings, Burn to clear evil spirits and to cease harmful gossip.

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