This is a prayer I use to invite my guardian angel, and put myself in the right frame of mind before casting spells. I’m pretty sure it was the first spell I ever wrote- before I had done enough research to find out about the concept of circle casting, so it can be used with, or instead of a circle. I think it could quite easily be modified to accommodate other guardians, Gods, and Goddesses, so I hope other people like it!

by Kitty

Simply substitute “angel” for “Goddess” or the particular goddess of your choice.

I call upon you (name of angel), angel divine,
I stand before your sacredshrine.
Spread your wings, let in the light,
I pray you help me do what’s right.
Help me steer from what is wrong,
and any evils for which I long.
Help me live out every day,
according to the righteous way.
Let your voice ring loud and clear,
to comfort me of all my fears.
And if I ever shed a tear,
I pray (angel’s name), that you’ll be near.
Your guidance I need through this life,
I pray you never leave my side.
And when in times my faith is weak,
in you, (angel’s name), please let me seek.
I call upon you (angel’s name), angel divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine.

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