We do not claim any miracles by the use of these herbs. We are not responsible for what the herbs or oils may or may not do for you. We do not recommend using these products in place of medical attention or advise.

Angelica – detoxifies, good for exhaustion, nerves and arthritis

Anise – Euphoric, stimulates the senses, natural deodorant, relaxation, emotional balance.

Basil – relives mental fatigue, clears the mind, is said to relieve migraines

Bay – Helps respiratory disorders and depression and stimulates memory.

Benzoin – good for rashes, eczema, dry and chapped skin

Bergamot – Relaxing & refreshing, builds confidence, oily and blemished skin

Calendula – Helpful with leisons and vericose veins

Cardamon – helps with stress and digestion, very uplifting, colds and flu

Cassia –Stimulating, deodorizing, comforting, anti-inflammatory

Cedarwood – Good for aches, oily skin, psoriasis, insect repellant, natural deodorizer

Chamomile – relaxes muscles, soothing, aphrodisiac

Clary Sage – Uplifting, stress and tension, promotes sleep and is an aphrodisiac

Clove – deodorizer, infections, athele’s foot, sprains, repels inscents

Citronella – Uplifting, insect repellant, effective for colds, helps arthritic pains

Coriander – sore mucscles, soothing your nerves, circulations and sleep

Cypress – insect repellant, antiseptic, deodorant, astringent, calming

Eucalyptus – Disinfectant, breathing, concentration, opens sinus passages, repels mosquitioes, muscules and spasms, reduces pores, skin blemishes and dandruff.

Fennel – Good to soothe nerves, arthritis, bronchitis and coughs

Frankincense – nervous system, reduces stress, psychic cleansing & meditation

Geranium – Repels insects, depression & anxiety, neuralgia & rheumatic pain.

Ginger -muscle aches, pains and stiffness, helps circulation, stimulates the appetite

Hyssop – brings clarity to thoughts and emotions, helps heal bruised skin

Jasmine -Relieves anxiety, nervouse exhaustion, Lifting your spirits and aphrodisiac

Juniper – Uplifting, helps mental clarity, helps in fluid retention

Lavender – Reduces stress, mood swings, nervousness, headaches, bee an dwasp stings, burns, earaches and bronchial conditions and is a natural deodorizer and repels moths.

Lemon – circulation, insect bites, headaches, antiseptic, antiviral, sinuses and varicose veins.

Lemongrass– antiseptic for oily skin, concentration, helps varicose veins and fluid retention

Lime – Increases circulation, good for water retention, very refreshing

Marjoram – antiseptic, anxiety, bruises, insomnia, PMS, muscle aches and sprains

Mint – relieves, headaches, natural deodorant, reduces appetite and stress

Myrrh – Calming to the mind, healing the skin, helpful for colds and bronchitis.

Nutmeg – Aphrodisiac, help with the nervous and muscle fatigue, circulatory system.

Orange – Anti-depressant, detoxifying, antiseptic, depression, anxiety, cellulite, muscles aches, stress and nervous tension.

Oregano – Energizing, relazes muscles, relieves headaches, bronchitis, colds & flu

Parsley – Good for digestion, hemorroids, toxins and broken blood vessels.

Palmarosa – skin infections, aches, rejuvenation, scars, and stress related conditions

Patchouli – antidressant, antiseptic, good for anxiety, chapped skin, PMS, libido, scar tissue

Peppermint – Stimulates pleasant memories, reduces joint pain and muscel stiffness

Petitgrain – Good for mental fatigue and strain, concentration, good for stress and anxiety.

Pine – expectorant and decongestant, good for aches and pains

Rosemary – Increases mental awareness and memeory, has antioxidant and antiseptic properties, balance oily and problemed skin and hair, beneficial to asthmatics, helps circulation, PMS and tension headaches and lifts depression.

Rosewood – Immune system, uplifting scent, help sooth the nervous system

Sage – Relaxes muscles, heat flashes, sinus congestion, a very earth masculine scent

Spearmint – Stimulating, energizing, helps relieve colds, nausea and headaches

Tangerine – Refreshing, stress reliever, good for muscle spasms

Tea Tree – Insecticide, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, good for athlete’s foot fungus, boils, sunburn, dandruff, itching, age spots, warts, colds and burns.

Thyme – Reduces chronic fatigue, protects against infectious disease, has antibacterial and antiviral properties, good for athlete’s foot.

Valerian – sedative, good for insomnia, restlessness, indigestion and migraines.

Vetiver – cleanses the aura, skin disorders, insomnia, exhaustion, stress, nervous disorders, arthritis. It is antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Ylang-Ylang – Sweet, exotic scent, enhances romance, anti-depressant, lifts your mood.

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