All people have what are called “Psychic abilities”, but in most of us, these abilities are too “weak” to be detected, much less to be of any use. There are, however simple devices, which can effectively AMPLIFY what latent psychic ability we do have, just as a physical Lever can Amplify physical strength.. I Call these devices “Psychic levers” .

Most “psychic levers” are ancient in origin and a few are of relatively recent times. They all rely upon “tapping into” the “subconscious mind” where the so called “psychic abilities” reside. The primary reason most people cannot demonstrate any of these abilities is because of the “mental interference” that may block or otherwise alter the “psychic” stuff before it reaches the upper “Conscious levels” of the brain. Psychic levers access the sub conscious mind directly, and convert the “signal” into a form that is immune to most “brain interference” and is able to be “READ” by the conscious mind.

Those individuals claiming “little to no psychic ability” may be able to “squeeze” enough out of the system, using a psychic lever, to at least experience some ESP ability, perhaps to a useful degree. Those with better developed abilities may increase both their “Power” and accuracy many fold.

Most Psychic levers function by exploiting what is called the Ideo-Motor Response (IMR) . The IMR are small changes in muscle tension and “micro movements” of the voluntary motor muscles, in response to subconscious stimuli. IMR devices include the De Chevrul Pendulum, The tension and “L” rods used in dowsing, “Table tipping” and “OUIJA board” devices.

Other Psychic levers work on “sensory feedback” principles and can be quite dramatic in effect. these include the so called “crystal ball”, White noise generators (or their natural equivalents), Ganzfelds and what I call the “Random Field”. Finally, things like “RUNES” and Tarot cards, can also be considered Levers in a sense, as they are alleged to function by exploiting “synchronicity” principles–resulting from the recognized “interconnectiveness of the universe”

The Pendulum

The Pendulum is considered to be the most common Psychic lever. It has been used since ancient times–The Oracle of Delphi was said to have used one. Its modern use can be traced to the early decades of this century when De Chevrul, a French Psychologist used it to probe the subconscious minds of his patients.

There is nothing really “spooky” about the pendulum. It has been known for some time now that thoughts in the subconscious mind affect the motor muscles. The effect, called the Ideo Motor Response, usually consists of small movements or shakes, that while meaningful, are too minute to be observed directly. The Pendulum, with its long string (about 18 “) amplifies these movements enough to make them visible–as changes in the swing of the pendulum bob.

Now, according to conventional Science, the Subconscious mind can be accessed using this device. It can swing in 4 ways–left to right, front to back, clockwise circle and counterclockwise circle. These 4 movements can be used to designate 4 “responses from the subconscious—YES, NO, I DON’T KNOW and I DON’T WISH TO ANSWER.

The first time one uses a pendulum, one must determine what swing direction designates one’s OWN responses. This is done by holding the pendulum string between the thumb and index finger and “concentrating” on the word “YES”. Usually the pendulum will want to swing front to back, but it might swing differently for different people. Next, the user concentrates on the word “NO” and observes the result–which is usually a left to right swing. Next the swings for “I don’t know” and “I don’t wish to answer” are determined. From THIS point the user can “ask” questions and the pendulum will respond with the answer–from the subconscious mind—-THIS IS ALL LEGIT SCIENCE ! This is NOT paranormal.

We get into the “Paranormal” aspect when we ask questions that our own subconscious mind has NO way of knowing. Here, the theory is, we are using the “Psychic” mechanism that is ALSO located in the subconscious mind. We may ask questions about the present, future or past, contact the dead, find treasure, etc—So long as we ask the questions in a way that is compatible with the responses of the pendulum. Does it work? Sometimes—and often enough to indicate that what you are getting may not be entirely bogus.

Ouija Boards and Table Tipping

Ouija boards and the technique of table tipping, is also an IMR principled lever. The advantage here is that more than one person’s subconscious mind is driving the system. This tends to have an “equalizing” or “filtering” effect that tends to let only that data COMMON to the psychic centers of all the users come through. This tends to “filter out” any subconscious pre conceptions or wishful thinking on the part of any one individual and thus results in more accurate information. There is a lot of literature on these devices, if you are interested in using them–I will not go into that here.

Random Field

The most remarkable of the Psychic levers are the “Random Field” devices. With them, nearly anyone can actually see clear IMAGES directly from the subconscious mind. They are very simple to construct and the effect is quite dramatic.

These devices operate on the same principle of the “crystal ball” the “black mirrors” or blank walls that “seers” have used in their work for millennia. This principle is called “Retnal feedback”. In normal vision, the eyes focus images on the retina, which conveys the data along the optic nerve to the visual cortex. Subconscious imagery, however will also flow the other way along the optic nerves, to the retina–This is always happening, but the effect is so slight, that it is easily overwhelmed by the normal visual function. These images can be seen, however, provided that the subject is gazing a viewing surface that is sufficiently “blank” and featureless so as to negate the effects of the normal vision.

Mirrors, crystal balls, pools of ink, white walls and the like tend to do the job nicely. A recent development, called the “Gansfeld”, a blank viewing area device also works. That the images actually are seen is NOT disputed by conventional Science. The controversy (Paranormal) is to whether or not these images are or can be of a “Psychic” nature. As the Images are coming from the subconscious, they answer CAN be yes–in some cases at least. The problem with using these devices, however is that, unless one is particularly gifted, it will take many hours of practice and pain before one can see any imagery. and then only about 10 percent are successful. With the random field device, however, better than 90 percent of those who try it can see astounding imagery on the first try.

A random field is a viewing area consisting of a random scatter of light and dark dots, not unlike the “snow” on a TV screen, where there is no station. I have found that the light and dark mottled pattern of fibers seen on a sheet of white paper when illuminated from behind, to be an excellent random field. If we fold the paper into a “L” shape so that most of the page will stand upright, and put a light BEHIND it, then we will be well on our way to making a random field (RF) viewing device.

This device, like this, will not work much better than staring at the plaster dots on the ceiling, however. To increase its power, the random spots must form a 3 Dimensional field. This is accomplished by filling a smooth sided cylindrical container,( a water glass, beaker, or jar ) with water and placing it directly in front of the illuminated paper screen–so that you have to look through it to see the random spots. From about 6 to 8 feet away, each eye will see a different dot pattern, thus creating the 3-D effect that makes the device so effective.

You might want to place the water container upon the “lap” of the “L” fold of the paper–This will help hold up the paper and keep it against the water container

The first time you use the device, it will take about 10 minutes to get results. It is all a matter of figuring out just “how” (by trial and error) to use your eyes to look at it. In future sessions, you will be able to see images. almost immediately. The process is as follows. Seat yourself in a darkened room, about 6 to 8 feet from the device. Look at the pattern through the glass and actually try to “see” the visual answer to a question such as “what will my future wife look like”—The question doesn’t matter it helps “prime the pump” by creating a focus. (it is OK to blink your eyes).

It helps also to hold your head in a somewhat downward position so your eyes have to roll upward a bit to see the device. Soon you will notice a kind of white “fog” or “haze” and some crude, face like images. At this stage it will seem like you are simply consciously “making up” pictures from the dots–not unlike making pictures from bathroom tiles. A little later you will suddenly see a picture that looks like a “grainy” low contrast black and white photo.

It may not be recognizable at first, but then it will suddenly snap into focus—The first time this happens IT IS MIND BLOWING. Keep looking you will now see “The slide show” a series of images that “fade in” and fade out in about 5 second intervals. Some of the images are incredibly clear., I once saw a airport and could even see the logos on the planes and the lines on the tarmac. Soon the slide show will end and it will be time to end the session.

What was seen?—actual images from the subconscious. Are they from the “future”–ala “crystal ball”?—Not necessarily, but I must admit I did see some of MY imagery on TV later on during the week.—-The Subconscious DOES have access to our psychic centers, so it makes sense that some of this stuff can get through.—By the way, the Question you might ask at the beginning of the session, usually is not answered–it just serves to start the process up.

Why is the Random field so effective? It seems to reduce the “effort” needed by the visual system to “see” subconscious imagery. By co-incidence, some “dark” spots on the paper will correspond with dark spots on the subconscious image (the same situation holds for light spots). The brain systems then need only “suppress” the dark spots that do not correspond with the imagery or “enhance” non matching white spots. This takes less “effort” than constructing a visible image from a blank viewing surface– enough less “effort” so as to permit MOST people to see the imagery.

Auditory Random Field

The only historical account of random fields appear to be of the “auditory” variety. The oracle of Delphi, in addition to using a pendulum, could “hear spirit voices” in the rustling sound made by the wind blowing through the leaves of trees. Other “oracles” were said to commune with “spirits” at “sacred waterfalls” It is obvious that they were using “white noise”, A “natural” version the rushing sound often heard when a radio is tuned between stations. White noise is actually “random sound” composed of many frequencies.

In theory (and fact) white noise can permit one to “listen” to “Voices” from the “subconscious”—–And possibly “spirit or telepathic entities” as the subconscious IS hooked up directly to the “psychic centers”. In order to make an auditory device as effective as the Visual device described above, a 3-D auditory field must be created.—-To my knowledge no one has done this yet, I plan to build one but I haven’t gotten around to it yet myself. It would not be very hard to make however.

Any reader somewhat knowledgeable in electronics can make a simple “white noise” generator. The only difference is that an auditory random field will require TWO separate white noise generators. The output should be fed into a stereo headphone where one generator goes to the left and the other to the right ear. Lower frequencies should predominate. such a device should be “Highly effective”. If any reader tries this please let me know what happens.

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