At some point, we’re all under some form of psychic attack and we need to learn how to defend and protect ourselves in times like these. But first, let’s take a look at psychic attacks and how they work.

Believe it or not most astral attacks are not caused by curses or witchcraft. Half the time astral attacks are not intentional. They take place on the subconscious level and are the result of negative thinking, verbal abuse that goes round and round in the head, stale energy that has been left behind in a place and bungled rituals that may have been done by amateurs hoping to create prosperity or love. Below I have identified the different kinds of astral attack that can take place and hopefully it will help you avoid cursing yourself as well as others. Thoughts are like seeds …once planted and allowed to grow they can take root and choke the potential out of your life. The idea is to keep your psychic garden free of the spiritual equivalent of suckers, weeds and anything else that might abort your spiritual growth, personal will and soul freedom.

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