As you go on to practice one or many of the different forms of psychic work, you can count on spiritual guides to help you along the way. Whatever these forces may be — Edgar Cayce called them “the invisible empire” — you can count on them to guide you along your life map and protect you from harm. This chapter will give you the opportunity to meet and identify your team of spiritual advisers.

Your Spiritual Companions

Does everything in your life happen by chance or fate, or is there some sort of a force that exists around you to help you through life? Men have been trying to answer that question since ancient times.

There are many terms to describe the spirit forces that exist beyond our current accepted reality. Spirits, guides, angels, power animals, and gatekeepers are just a few of the names that have been used by those who experience a connection to the unknown world around them.

The guides and other spirits that are described in this book are there for good. If you feel that you are getting negative advice or communication, you should stop contact with them and seek a qualified counselor in your area.

There are many published books that tell you how to meet and connect to your guides or angels. The premise of this book is that you are already connected, even though you may not realize it yet. It is hoped that by the time you finish this chapter, you will be more aware of the unknown forces that are already with you, and that you will begin to develop a communication technique that will help guide you throughout your life map.

Do you believe that you have an unseen helper around you? Are you already aware of this force? And if not, do you trust that you will come to learn more about it? Regardless of how you believe, if you focus on good and positive feelings, you may be amazed at the incredible results.

Do You Have Miracles in Your Life?

Do you believe that there are miracles that happen in your life? If so, when and how often do they take place? Are your miracles generally large events that happen periodically, or are they part of your everyday existence? Do you know who works these wondrous acts? Is it God, an angel, a deceased relative or friend, a spirit guide, or something or someone else?

A miracle is something that happens beyond the scope of reality. Miracles are usually attributed to a supernatural power that intervenes in the normal course of events and changes their expected or predictable outcome. Examples include miraculous healing and changes in negative weather patterns that the forecaster had failed to identify.

Miracles come in all forms. There are the big events that are just too unbelievable to reject as evidence that things happen that are beyond the abilities of man to achieve. There are also little day-to-day events that are often overlooked because they happen so naturally that you begin to take them for granted. Do you keep a record of the miracles that you recognize? Here are some suggestions that may help you keep track:

  • Pick a time each day to be aware of miracles.
  • Keep a record of what you ask your Belief.
  • Review the day to see if you received any of the miracles you asked for.
  • Review the day to see what miracles, large or small, took place that you didn’t ask for.
  • Be aware of what you received. Sometimes a miracle is granted in a different way than you requested.
  • Acknowledge a resistance as something that might be leading to a miracle.
  • Give thanks to your Belief for all miracles large and small, known and unknown.

The more you become aware of the events in your life that take place without your noticing, the more you will begin to see the miracles that have been around you all along. Keeping a record of daily events will help you get in tune with your guides.

Be Careful of What You Ask For

If you focus on wanting something, you may get what you wanted, but it might not be what you really needed. If you get what you need, you might not realize it because you are so focused on what you wanted.

Let’s say, for example, that you need a new car. You ask for and expect to receive a new car. You might even try to manifest it. Then, you receive an opportunity to get a used car; it isn’t new, but it’s just right for what you need. If you are still focused on the new car, you will not celebrate the miracle of getting the car you needed.

When you ask for help, consider specifying that you are asking for the right solution for all concerned at the time of the request. Believe, in the case of our new car example, in the gift of the right vehicle that will help you with your life work. Ask for the right words to come out of your mouth and the right thoughts to come through your mind. Ask for the right psychic information to come at the right time, and ask that you might use this information in the best way for the greater good.

Acknowledging Resistance

When things aren’t going exactly the way you had planned, a miracle might be working behind the scenes. Many of you focus so strongly on what you think should happen that you misunderstand what is happening.

If you pay attention and work with the resistances in your life, rather than fighting them, you will become aware of the miracle that may be behind the resistances. If you force your way through a resistance, you may find yourself where you really don’t want to be.

Guides in the Form of Angels

The word “angel” comes from the Greek, and it means “messenger.” Angels are usually depicted as human-like beings in long flowing robes with halos over their heads and a pair of wings to help them travel between heaven and earth. In early Christian times, angels were called demons and could be either good or bad. Later, the term was expanded to refer to the evil angels who are disciples of Lucifer. This book is about connecting to positive angels who are here to help you help others and yourself.

Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher and spiritualist, believed that there exists an ascending order of spirits that includes angels, archangels, archai, Exusiai, Dynameis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Each level had more responsibility in the role that they played with the human race. Angels are close to our level of consciousness and are therefore the most recognizable form of spirit messenger. Steiner claimed that he was shown this system of order through psychic visions.

The Christian church teaches that there were seven archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, and Samael. Lucifer was the eighth archangel. He was cast out of heaven and became the leader of the dark angels, or demons.

It is possible that mankind was much more open to the spirit world before religious movements, such as early Christianity, tried to eliminate views that were not part of their doctrine. Many early pagan beliefs were absorbed by the more organized religions, and these early beliefs then changed as time went by. As an example, early pagan celebration dates were adapted to Christian celebrations, including Christmas and Easter. It was in this manner that the good demons (diamons) of the Greeks became the evil demons of the Bible. At the same time, the Christian religion embraced the concept of angels as the good messengers of God.

It is possible that the early paintings, which influence our view of what an angel looks like, came from an actual encounter with a spirit by the artist. The halo and/or golden glow may first have been seen as an aura. The energy about a spirit could very well shimmer, creating that effect. Because the spirit may have been seen in a suspended state above the ground, wings may have been added to make a more realistic picture. It is possible for a spirit or angel to appear to each of you in a manner that is acceptable to you. Your angels or spirits may or may not look like anything that is described in this book.

Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Do you have a guardian angel or angels? If so, how do you know? Have you ever seen your angels? If so, what do they look like? Can you hear your angels speaking to you? If so, what are they saying? How often do your angels visit you — daily, weekly, or only occasionally?

Can you feel your angels around you? If so, when do you feel them? Do your angels produce certain smells or tastes for you to experience? Can you hear their wings or other sounds that let you know they are with you?

You do not need to see an angel to recognize that one is there with you. Validation can happen in many ways. Keeping a record of your miracles also reminds you that your team of angels is at work, whether you see them or not. If you feel that you have angels watching over you, then give them credit for the good job they are doing.

Relatives and Friends on the Other Side

Your guides may be people you already know. It is possible that a friend or relative who is now on the Other Side could act as a guide for you in this lifetime and is looking out for you. Have you been paying attention to the clues that might tell you whether you have such a guide? If you haven’t, that’s not uncommon — most people don’t keep track of the number of miracles that take place in their lives.

Do you have a feeling that there is someone who has passed over who still keeps watch over you on this side? If so, who could it be? Perhaps you know or suspect you know who is there, but you can’t see for yourself. You may get validation from almost anywhere. It could be a sudden reminder of something special when the person was alive.

If you are having trouble defining who you currently have watching over you from the Other Side, you may want to go for a psychic reading with a competent and ethical psychic. She may have the ability to recognize who is with you from the Other Side.

Once you learn who is traveling with you, you can begin to develop confidence that there really is someone there to help you handle both minor and major problems. You can actually have a conversation with your guides, even though it seems to be a one-way conversation. Just believing that someone hears you can give you confidence that a miracle is in the making.

The Other Side may not appear to you while you are in a waking state. Many times your guides will visit you in your dream state. This is especially true if you have an active conscious mind that is constantly cluttered with your thoughts. Your psychic communication usually rises to the surface when your active mind stops to relax. The only time you relax may be when you sleep.

The World of Spirits

In addition to angels and the souls of those who have passed on to the Other Side, there are other nonphysical entities that exist in the spirit world. A spirit may be a fairy, ghost, power animal, or another entity. Some people believe that spirits are evil and the idea of communication with a spirit may bring an image to your mind of working with the devil. Others are afraid that evil spirits would take control of their body, mind, and spirit.

An exorcism is a rite that is performed by a priest of the Catholic Church to rid a victim of the evil spirits that possess him. The rite has been used since the early 1600s. Other religions perform their own type of exorcisms. For example, Pentecostal Christians use the laying-on of hands.

The fear of spirit possession is very real to many people. The ones who are most vulnerable to this concept are those who are not grounded in a strong belief. Their self-doubt can leave them open to the idea and fear of being possessed. You need to banish your fears and accept the goodness of the Universe with the help of its golden light.

On the other hand, you may consider a spirit to be something that can be your guide and help you through life. You may have an image in your mind of what a spirit looks like. You may already be working with your spirit. A spirit who is there to help you is called a spirit guide.

You may consider your positive spirit guides as you identify what may journey through your life with you. As you consider that possibility, think back on your life, and you may find you already have a good idea. The following questions are designed to help you remember clues that you may have dismissed in the past.

Who’s Been Guiding You?

For a brief moment, take a relaxing breath, exhale, and think back to your childhood. When you were very little, did you have a fantasy world where you could play and talk with spirits? If so, how old were you when you first met them, and how old were you when you stopped communicating with them?

How did you experience your childhood fantasies? Did you see, hear, feel, smell, or get a taste of whom or what they were? Did you ever tell anyone about them? If so, what was their response? Did other people’s advice affect the way you accepted or rejected your fantasy experiences?

If you have had a form of spirit with you, is that being still there? If so, how do you communicate with them? In which of the five senses do you experience them? If you don’t, when was the last time you were aware of them? If they are not there now, can you imagine what it was like when they were with you?

The spirits you may have communicated with could have had particular shapes and roles, such as any of the following:

Fairies: Spirits that resemble tiny people, fairies live in the woods and are known for their magical powers. They are a part of Celtic lore and especially popular with children, probably due to their small size. A fairyland is a magical place where children live in a fantasy world full of enchanting wonderment.

Gatekeepers: In the psychic world, these are spirit guards who watch out for you as you travel about in other realms. A gatekeeper is your strong and powerful guide and protector. You can count on this being to help keep your energy centers in balance as he controls what enters and leaves.

Power animals: Animals have been connected to mysticism since time immemorial. If you have a power animal, it could be one from nature, such as a wolf or a bear; a domestic pet, perhaps one that crossed over but still lingers with you to watch over and comfort you. You may have a favorite animal that you think of often that may already be a guide for you.

Whatever your spirits are, they may visit you in your dreams. Do you have dreams that include forms of spirit guides or animals? If so, how often do you dream about them? Do they come for specific reasons that relate to your life situation at that time? Do they have messages for you from beyond?

Meet Your Team

Let’s take some time and begin to meet your spiritual guides. Remember, each of you has a different relationship and connection with them. You may or may not see them, feel them, hear them, smell them, or otherwise sense them. On the other hand, you may get a clear view and understanding of who they are and why they are with you. If you’re ready, find a relaxing place and get comfortable.

Remember, you can always bring yourself out of a light image trance. All you have to do is take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes, and come back to your conscious mind, feeling positive and safe.

Take a deep breath, exhale, close your eyes, and begin to feel the connection to your third-eye chakra. Allow yourself to feel the loving and peaceful energy of the Universe as it flows downward into your body. Feel the golden bubble of protective light that is forming around your total being. Feel the golden tether of the Universe that keeps you in balance and leaves you free to be open to the Universe’s guides that have been assigned to you. Let yourself enjoy a brief moment of total universal freedom filled with peace and love.

Ask your Belief permission to meet one or more of your guides in any positive form they may take. Allow yourself to relax, breathe in and out, and wait for a feeling of affirmation. This affirmation may come as a direct image, a voice, a pleasant sound, a feeling, or even a smell. You may experience nothing at first, so just wait patiently and believe that the right images will come to you. It is possible that this is not the right time to meet your guides.

You may get a faint image, or a lot of images swirling together. You may see colors, or you may hear a whole group of voices. If everything is going too fast, ask your Belief for help in slowing down your images. If you can, focus on just one image and concentrate on defining to yourself what you are sensing. Allow your guides to become comfortable in revealing themselves to you.

Some people become frustrated because they don’t get the opportunity to meet their guides, at least in the same manner as other people describe meeting theirs. Just being in the flow of positive peace and love is good for you. Just imagining your guides will bring you closer to them.

Make the Connection

If you are able to sense your guides, can you communicate with them? If so, which sense do you feel most comfortable using? Even if you see nothing, you may still ask questions. You may receive your answers in pictures, by voice or other sounds, by feelings that you can translate into words, or through positive and negative tastes and smells. You may have feelings in certain places in your body or some other sensation or image. You may ask if there is a name that you can call your guide(s).

The first step is to get an understanding of what you may be telling yourself through your guides. You may ask for guidance in many different aspects of your life, from health to your life’s work. Don’t expect an answer right away. It might come then, or it might come in the near future. Always keep the feeling of universal peace and love flowing through you when you are making the connection to your guides. It is possible that you may know that they are there but that you may never really see them. That’s okay, for the important thing is that they are with you.

Channeling Spirits for Yourself and Others

Another form of psychic communication and guidance is channeling. A channel is a conduit for something to pass through. A psychic channel is a person who has another entity or spirit communicate through them. This may be a voluntary or involuntary action on the part of the host body — the channel isn’t always aware of what is taking place. Channeling can happen when you are in trance or asleep.

When you act as a channel, your voice and mannerisms may change to reflect the personality of the entity that is coming through. During this time, the spirit may convey information by speech, by automatic writing, or even in different artistic forms. Many channels bring a message of universal peace from a higher source of knowledge.

Experiencing Channeling

If you’d like to try your hand at channeling, it’s a good idea to begin with someone experienced with the concept, like a hypnotherapist. She can help facilitate you into a deep channeling trance.

It is also possible to channel when you are fully awake. Ask your Belief to let the right words come through your mouth. Believing that this will happen will actually help you to channel universal truths that are good for both you and the people you are speaking with.

You can also try automatic writing or typing by allowing yourself to enter a relaxed trance state and leave your fingers free to be used by the spirit. Just ask your Belief that the right messages for that moment come through your hands and fingers. Like all other forms of psychic development, practice and patience will help your technique to improve.

Visit the Akashic Book of Records

Another source of information, especially on your soul’s development, is the Akashic Book of Records. It is believed that every detail of every soul’s existence is recorded there.

To visit the Akashic Book of Records, get comfortable, take a deep breath, exhale, and relax. You may focus on your third eye and bring your whole body into tune and balance. Feel the Universal Energy of peace and love fill your body, and the golden bubble of the Universe protecting you. When you are ready, use your own astral projection technique and allow yourself to follow the golden tether upward into the Universe.

Let yourself float upward until you come to the great Hall of Records. You may ask that you be able to see and read the sections on your soul that would be most helpful to you at this moment. If permission is granted, let yourself be guided to the proper place in the records and experience the information with all your five senses. You may want to follow a specific theme through several of your past lives, or you may want to focus on one life.

It is to these records that Edgar Cayce traveled for information on the past lives of the individual for whom he was doing a reading. By understanding his past lives, that person was given the opportunity to get back in tune with current opportunities for soul growth.

When looking into a past life, always look to see who in that life might also be in your current life. Compare the roles you each have had, and look for unresolved karma. Also ask to understand the theme of that lifetime so that you may apply the knowledge to help you improve in this lifetime. When you’re ready, bring yourself back to earth and back to consciousness.

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