The second of the seven major chakras is called the Sacral chakra, and in Sanskrit is called “Svadhishthana”. This chakra is located about two inches below the navel and slightly to the left. It’s mainly responsible for your senses of morality and belonging, creativity, sexuality and friendliness, and is influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood.

Unlike the root chakra being all about feeling grounded or ungrounded, the sacral chakra is more about your feelings of control. Everyone is a control freak to some degree. We control what we eat, what we spend our time doing, who we speak with, how we feel about something or someone and how we express those feelings. When we lose that sense of control, everything goes haywire, because humans are hardwired to control their direct environment through decisions. You may feel emotionally explosive, burdened by guilt, overly sensitive, or caught up with illusions. You feel like no matter what decision you make, it’s the wrong one and you start losing faith in your own judgement. You may also feel like you just don’t belong, and as such, you become more introverted and remove yourself from your usual social activities. It’s a difficult place to be.

It’s akin to trying to stand on slippery ice; no matter how hard to try to stay stable, you’ll keep slipping and falling. If you’re up for a bit and able to stand, the second you try to step forward, you’re back on your butt again, so you stand still, unmoving and not breathing for fear of falling. You don’t ‘feel’ so you don’t explode, and you don’t go out so you don’t feel out of your element, and you don’t make any decisions so you can’t make the wrong one. But you cannot live your life like that.

Balancing the sacral chakra is simply a matter of taking a warm shower and feeling the water wash away your lower or negative vibrations. That feeling of cleanliness is the start to balancing this chakra. You are entirely in control of your life, and your intuition and instinct will always lead you to the right path. Orange is this chakra’s colour, so wearing orange clothing, or amber, coral or carnelian crystals will help to raise this chakra’s vibrational level to the right place. Eating more sweet fruits like melon, mango and strawberries, as well as spices like vanilla and cinnamon are also good for this chakra.

When someone has a balanced Sacral chakra, they are likely to be friendly, compassionate, intuitive, feel a sense of belonging, have a good sense of humour and generally radiate warmth. And you’d find that most people just enjoy being around them.

Long term imbalance of the sacral chakra could possibly lead to kidney weakness, muscle cramps, a lack of energy, allergies, weight loss and constipation. Too low of a vibration in this chakra could manifest as someone who is shy, timid, self-negating, immobilised by fear, burdened by guilt, impotent and clingy. Too high of a vibration in this chakra could manifest as someone who is over indulgent, overly ambitious, manipulative, emotionally explosive, caught up in illusions and sees other people as sexual objects. Organs affected by this chakra are the kidneys, skin, mammary glands, testicles, ovaries, prostate and spleen.

Go take a warm shower or if you can, go to the beach. Close your eyes and feel the water wash away all the negative thoughts, habits and vibrations. Feel the water cleanse your chakra and visualise it glowing brighter. You’re in control. You got this. You’re right where you need to be.


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