Seax (or Saxon) Wicca: Started by Raymond Buckland, who was originally a leader in promoting the Gardnerian Tradition, as an alternative to the existing Covens. Unlike most traditions, which consider the Coven group to be the normal unit of division (ie. all ceremonies/Rituals = Group Rites), the Seax version has provision for lone witches (often referred to as Solitaires). Another thing which sets this particular brand apart is its non-reliance upon being properly initiated into the Wiccan community. Many of the other groups require that new members be brought to existing covens to be ceremonially initiated into that Tradition, and that only after years of study within the group is one ready to start a new coven. The Seax tradition, recognizing that there may not be a friendly, neighborhood Coven, allows for self-initiation, and Auto setup of a Coven.


Founded by Raymond Buckland in 1973, and based on Saxon traditions and mythology. Covens are led by a Priest and Priestess and may determine for themselves whether to work robed or skyclad. Rituals are open, and decisions are made democratically.


Seax Wica was founded by author Raymond Buckland in 1973. Loosely based upon Saxon Paganism, Seax Wica is not a reconstructionist religion. The original guidebook for the tradition, The Tree, was published in 1974, and was later repackaged as Buckland’s Book of Saxon Witchcraft. Seax Wica does not require initiation or membership into a coven or lineaged group. Members may self-dedicate themselves to the path.

Seax Wican covens traditionally follow a system of democracy, in which High Priests, High Priestesses and coven officers are elected by yearly vote. Priests and priestesses are encouraged to add to or modify the rituals and practices of the tradition as needed — there is no one set of rules or regulations for Seax Wica. The tradition honors Germanic deities, and runes play a significant part in divinatory practices.

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