Angel Card Reading

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Guidance Angel card reading for a specific situation/question. 

  • Love
  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal issues

This five card reading will reveal the past, present and future of the situation, the obstacle or block and your strength to overcome the block and release the future outcome. 

One question per reading. 

These angel card readings normally forecast between 3-4 months. Please note before you purchase that some readings provide information you may not be prepared to accept. The reader is just doing their job by providing clarity in these situations. 

How does it work? 

When you are purchasing, please write your question in the notes section of the purchase. Your angel card reading will be sent to your account inbox on Luna’s Grimoire within 24 hours. The reader may ask you to clarify some questions that came up during your reading. 

What kind of questions can I ask? 

This angel card reading is a general situational reading, so if you’re having a hard time making a decision on your career, a question like, “What is my life purpose,” is an appropriate question. If you’re having relationship problems and you want clarity on your love life’s future, a question like “What does my love life hold” is more appropriate than “Will I find love” because everyone will find love in their life, even from a pet. Most times, the reader will rephrase the question and send it to you before the reading is done. 

All angel card readings are performed in a cleansed and balanced environment. 

Note: these readings are for guidance only and Luna’s Grimoire will not be held liable for their outcome. 


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