• Spirit Guides are entities — physical and non-physical — who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment as we are about to ascend.
  • Most spirit guides have had incarnations on the physical Earth plane, as well as other realms. They, like yourself, may exist there multidimensionally at this time.
  • Spirit guides can be aspects of yourself.
  • Guides may remain with you for a lifetime, or may may come and go depending on your needs and theirs.
  • They are beings of light that may physically appear to you in humanoid form so you mind can conceptualize them better.
  • You can ask a spirit guide to leave, and they must comply.
  • You can request additional guides / and or angels if you want to work with guides on higher levels.
  • We all have spirit guides.
  • The average number of guides is 5, usually a mix of male and female.
  • Each guide generally comes in for a specific purpose in our lives.
  • Other aspects of your soul
  • Spiritual guardians
  • Healers
  • Help with your creative work
  • Have a past life connection to you
  • Are deceased relatives or close friends
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Many guides are our soul mates which is why we can not find our true love in the physical.
  • Some guides stay with you for your entire lifetime.
  • Others stay for many years then leave.
  • You can ask a spirit guide to leave if you so chose.
  • You can ask to have another brought to help you evolve.
  • They ‘speak’ to you in many ways.
  • Sometimes they are the little voice you hear in your head – thoughts.
  • Often times they speak to you in dream state, meditation, altered states of consciousness, through the synchronistic things that occur in your life, through, art, music, dance, or acting.
  • If they really want to make a point they will drop something on you like a book, as if to say, “Pay attention!”
  • Spirit guides travel interdimensionally.
  • They travel with us at night when we sleep.
  • They teach us at that time.
  • Most can not manifest into physical form, as they are pure energy, but will present you with a likeness of themselves as best they can.

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