When you invite the angels into your life the world around you becomes a magical place. You enter into a flow of life where coincidences and synchronicities become your clues, leading you to the answer to your prayers. The angels know exactly how to get your attention. So get ready for some fun! The angels love to play and they want you to know beyond any doubt that they are here to guide you and assist in any and every way they can.

Angels’ Nudges

Have you been asking the angels to help you? If so, it’s time to start learning how they might be trying to get your attention so they can guide you to the answers you are seeking. The angels are always working behind the scenes in your favor. Sometimes it’s through gentle nudges. For example, you’re stuck and you need a sitter for the kids. You pray to the angels for help and minutes later your friend calls and offers to take your kids. Think about it: Maybe the angels planted your name in her thoughts so she would call you.

An affirmation that will help you notice the angels’ nudges: “Dearest angels, please get my attention and show me what I need to know. Help me see, hear, and experience the miracles of your love and guidance throughout my day. Thank you.”

Other times the nudge might bonk you over the head. For example, you know the next step in your career is to get certified in a certain specialty and you ask your angels for help because you need the finances to pay for the course. Within the next week, you receive an unexpected check in the mail that covers the expense of the entire course.

The angels love to help and they are always working behind the scenes in your favor. Sometimes it’s in small ways and other times it seems like a miracle. Be open to all their loving nudges and get ready to experience the magic of heaven on earth unfolding before your very eyes.

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a coincidental occurrence of two or more events that have no relevance to one another, yet when it takes place it has great meaning to the person who is witnessing or experiencing it. The person who experiences a synchronistic event has previously said a prayer or they had a thought or a dream that later comes to fruition. They witness something that confirms what once was only an image or thought in their psyche. When this happens to you, you need to pay attention. This may be a form of divine communication where the angels are trying to give you a message or they want your attention.

When you walk the spiritual path and you become more conscious, you realize everything happens for a reason. So a synchronicity is no accident. The angels use synchronicity to awaken you to their presence and guidance.

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity and defined it as a meaningful coincidence. In his memoirs, he described a dream he had when he met his inner mentor archetype. He described him as a wise old man named Phi-lemon. Philemon appeared as Hellenistic Gnostic and he wore a robe, had a long grey beard and colorful wings of a kingfisher. After his dream, Jung tried to illustrate the image of Philemon into a painting. The following quote describes what happened a few days after the dream took place:

During the days when I was occupied with the painting, I found in my garden, by the lakeshore, a dead kingfisher! I was thunderstruck, for kingfishers are quite rare in the vicinity of Zurich and I have never since found a dead one. The body was recently dead — at the most, two or three days — and showed no external injuries.

Carl Jung’s experience is a perfect example of a how a dream can later manifest into a physical experience. Do you imagine that when Jung had this profound moment that he was being asked to pay attention to his wise inner guide? Make the choice from this moment forward to pay attention to those synchronistic events and if it’s not as clear as Jung’s experience, ask the angels to help you discern what it means.

What Is a Coincidence?

The word “coincidence” is actually two words, “co” and “incidence,” which means when two things happen at the same time for no apparent reason. The meaning of coincidence is very similar to that of synchronicity, except when you experience a synchronicity, it is coincidence with meaning or significance. Here are some ways the angels work through coincidences.

The angels are trying to get your attention. Example: You keep finding dropped dimes all around the house in the most obscure places.

The angels are reassuring you that you are not alone. Example: You have asked the angels to make their presence known to you and you see angel pictures and statues wherever you go.

The angels are trying to point you in the direction that will lead you to your highest and best. Example: You have asked the angels if it’s in your best interest to go back to school and get your degree and that same week you receive a brochure in the mail from the college you were considering.

The angels are answering a prayer. Example: You ask the angels to send you the perfect lawyer to help you through your divorce; you meet someone at an event and she shares that her husband is a divorce lawyer.

The angels are encouraging you to move forward toward your dreams. Example: Your family has grown and you are looking for a bigger house but you’re nervous about making the changes. You have been looking at this particular neighborhood and a “For Sale” sign goes up and the realtor’s name is Maria Angell.

Pay attention to how you feel after experiencing a coincidence or synchronicity. It’s a natural high filled with excitement, wonder, and gratitude. Some people refer to coincidence as a God-incidence because it is a moment touched by the divine.

Experiencing coincidences can be magical and they can also validate that there is someone guiding you from the other side. Start noticing them and allow the angels to guide you through their gentle nudges so you can experience more peace, fulfillment, joy, and prosperity. It’s all there waiting for you. Imagine that coincidences are gifts from the angels so you can manifest your dreams into reality.

What Is a Sign?

A sign is a confirmation from your angels. You can ask for a sign when you want the angels to validate their presence in your life. A good example of asking for a sign is that you did the meditation in this book to meet your guardian angel, but after you finished, you weren’t quite sure if it was real. Then you ask your guardian angel to give you a sign that would confirm her presence. Watch for and pay attention to some of the following signs:

  • Dropped dimes and pennies from heaven
  • White feathers
  • Angel trinkets or religious medals found in spontaneous places
  • Strange animals appearing out of nowhere
  • Smelling roses or flowers when none are present
  • Hearing a song on the radio about angels or one that has significant meaning
  • A street sign or a billboard with a message
  • The phone ringing but no one is there
  • Blinking lights or electrical items turning on and off
  • Angel lights or forms appearing in your pictures

It’s an amazing experience to witness any of these signs. They are all around you if you only notice and the more you notice, the more signs you experience. Allow the angels to get your attention and feel their loving presence through these magical moments.

Asking for a Sign

How do you ask for a sign? First, you need to decide if you want a specific sign from the angels, such as a rose or a butterfly, or if you want to leave it up to the angels to decide. Either way, tell the angels you want your sign to be recognizable beyond any doubt. It’s important that you know for sure that the sign you receive is from your angels.

Second, tell your angels that you want your sign delivered by a certain day or time. This is especially important for those of you who are impatient or if you need to make a decision within a certain period of time.

Lastly, surrender your request to your angels and pay attention. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open so you can expand your awareness to receive your sign. When you have received your sign, thank the angels. Feel the peace and joy in your heart knowing that you are not alone and that you have a council in spirit watching over you.

Another time you can ask the angels for a sign is when you need a specific question answered or you need confirmation to make a decision about something. Share your situation with the angels and tell them you want your question answered or confirmed with a specific sign. For example, you want to invest a large sum of money in a new stock that someone has recommended. You ask the angels for an undeniable sign of a star to confirm this particular stock and to validate that it’s a good decision. The very next day your son brings home a picture from preschool and says, “Mom, look what I made” and there it is, a big yellow star, with the word “STAR” written on it and glitter splashed all over it. Do you think the sign was received and it’s a good investment to make?

What if I didn’t get a sign from my angels?
The angels might want you to look again at the decision or question you asked about. There might be a better direction they want you to contemplate or explore. If you have any more questions, go into meditation and ask the angels for clarity.

You will come to realize that a sign is a gift from God. It is a message from the divine saying you are not alone and we are here to help you. Take a moment and ask for your sign from the angels. Then open your awareness and expect the miracle of receiving your sign.

Angel Numbers

The angels can also use numbers and the sequence of numbers to get your attention. Most people have a favorite number and the angels know your number. If they are trying to get your attention, you might notice your favorite number on a license plate or it could be the address of the house you pass.

There are two well-known, specific angelic numbers to pay attention to, and when you see them, it could be a sign from your angels. The numbers are 111 and 444. So when you see these numbers on a clock, in a phone number, or even on a check, feel reassured that the angels are all around you.

Angel messages for number sequences from Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue, PhD and Lynnette Brown:

111: An energetic gateway has opened for you rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring that they match your desires. Don’t put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them.”

222: Have faith, everything’s going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.

333: You’re with the ascended masters, and they’re working with you day and night — on many levels. They love, guide, and protect you in all ways.

444: Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear — all is well.

555: Major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly desire.

666: It’s time to focus on Spirit to balance and heal your life. Tell heaven about any fears you have concerning material supply. Be open to receiving help and love from both humans and the angels.

777: Congratulations! You’ve listened well to your divine guidance and have put that wisdom into fruitful action. You’re now reaping the rewards. Your success is inspiring and helping others, so please keep up the good work.

888: The universe is abundant and generous, and you have learned how to step into the shower of its ever-present flow. Great financial success is yours, now and in the future.

999: Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.

From this moment forward be conscious of the numbers that grab your attention. They could be a sign from your angels trying to get your attention or maybe they just want to send their love and reassure you that you are not alone.

Pay Attention

Once you ask the angels to guide you through signs, synchronicities, and coincidences, you need to play your part, and that is, to open your awareness and pay attention. The answers are already there for you to discover.

Affirmation to expand your awareness: “Dearest angels, please help me to be open so I can clearly recognize and notice the gifts of divine guidance all around me.”

Here is a great analogy to contemplate that will help you understand this concept. Think about the last time you went shopping for a car. You went to the car dealership looking to test drive some cars that intrigued you. Let’s say you really fell in love with the Toyota Camry, especially the silver-colored one. You leave the dealership with the intention that you’re going home to think about it. The entire ride home all you see on the road are Toyota Camrys, especially in silver. Were those cars always on the road? Yes, but your awareness wasn’t focused on noticing them. Now your awareness has expanded and you consistently see what you’re focused on and what you desire.

The same is true about the angels. They have always been there. Now, you are choosing to see and experience them. You are opening up to different ways in which they can help you. You are expanding your awareness and you’re noticing how they try to get your attention so they can communicate with you. Just like the cars, all of a sudden you begin to witness the angels working their miracles all around you. What a gift you give yourself every time you choose to pay attention and notice.

Notice Repetition

When you are not paying attention and the angels are trying to get their message across, they might use a little humor to help you take notice; it’s called repetition. Have you ever heard the saying, “Pay attention when things happen in threes”? For example, within a matter of days three different people mention the same person. Maybe this is a sign to get in touch with that person.

The angels don’t give up on you. So if you hear the same thing repeated over and over again in your head, listen to it and act upon it. When you experience repeated coincidences, synchronicities, or dreams around the same theme, pay attention because the angels are trying to tell you that it’s important. Once you have noticed the repetition and you’ve acted accordingly or healed the situation, it will stop.

If you are experiencing repetitive dreams, ask the angels to help you understand what the dream is trying to tell you. Some dreams are there to help you heal. So if there is healing that needs to take place, ask the angels to help you heal the root cause of the dream.

You can also ask the angels to reassure you with repetition when you don’t trust the answers you are getting. For example, you have a major decision to make and you received a sign that affirmed your answer but you are still afraid of moving forward. Ask the angels to give you more confirmation so you can be reassured about making your decision.

Record the Magical Moments

When you walk your spiritual path and you open up to the angels, the world around you transforms into a magical place. Just imagine entering a fairytale where heaven and earth coexist.

No matter where you are along your journey, there is so much more for you to experience. The magic will continue to unfold and multiply if you choose. If you would like to initiate this energy, start a Magical Moments journal and record all the signs, coincidences, synchronicities, and miracles that occur around you. This practice will not only expand your awareness, but will also multiply your experience of the magic.

Remember the analogy of buying a new car. Once you bring your attention to what you want to see, the more you notice it’s already there. As you record your magical moments in your journal, you begin to see how the angels are guiding you to the answer to your prayers. You gain clarity and confidence and you allow these magical moments to be signposts from heaven guiding you to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

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