The Minor Arcana

There are 14 cards in each suit: the number cards, King , Queen , Knight and Paige.

The suit of pentacles or coins represents the earth element and the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This corresponds to diamonds in a traditional pack of playing cards. Earth is productivity, growth, reliability, steadfastness and strength, also work and money issues. Earth signs are Earthy, practical, kind, stubborn, good with money and business, hard workers and productive types.

The suit of Swords represents the air element and the zodiac signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. This corresponds to spades in a traditional pack. Air is knowledge, wisdom, communication, socialising, psychic powers. Relationships and friendships. Air signs are Thoughtful, logical, argumentative, authoritative, legal minded, balanced, fair, social and communicative.

The suit of Wands or batons represents the fire element and the zodiac signs of Saggitarius, Leo and Aries. This corresponds to clubs in the traditional pack of cards. Fire is passion, energy, drive, determination. Strength of will and power. Fire signs are Fiery, restless, energetic, sociable, imaginative, optimistic and formidable if challenged.

The suit of Cups represents the water element and the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. This is represented in traditional playing cards as hearts. Water is emotions, domestic matters, intuition, dreams and health. Water signs are Emotional, creative, sensual, domestic and dreamy.

As well as the suit you can gain some insight into the cards from their number or picture.

  • Aces – New beginnings, self-motivation, initiations and fresh starts.
  • 2s – Harmaony, balance and partnerships of all kinds.
  • 3s – Creativity, hope, activity, team work and energy.
  • 4s – Possessions, security and stability.
  • 5s – Changes, restlessness, endings, regret and loss.
  • 6s – Travel, movement, a journey or financial increase.
  • 7s – Rest, health matters, patience, beware hasty actions, wait and see.
  • 8s – Strength, new phase, positive changes, business, responsibilities.
  • 9s – Complete cycle, satisfaction, summing up, clarifying attitudes and situations.
  • 10s – Joy, success, transformation, acheivements, wishes, abundance of energy.
  • Paiges – Represents children or young women.
  • Knights – Represents a youthful male.
  • Queens – Represents an adult female.
  • Kings – Represents an adult male.

The suits of the minor arcana can also be used to specify a time

  • Pentacles – Winter months. December, January, February.
  • Swords – Spring months. March, April, May.
  • Wands – Summer months. June, July, August.
  • Cups – Autumnal months. September, October, November.

These are basic descriptions of the numbers however it is best to learn each card individually.

Wand Tarot Card Meaning: Action, work, occupation.

  • The Wands indicate, energy, growth, enterprise and animation.
  • The Wand Tarot Card suggests a constant renewal of life and growth.
  • The Salamander is associated with Tarot Wands.
  • The direction given to Wands is south.
  • Wands are synonymous with Lions.

ACE: Creative beginnings, career opportunities, bright ideas.
Divination Meaning : Beginning of an enterprise. Maybe beginning of a family or journey.
REVERSED: Creative blocks, expect delays especially to do with property, career or inspiration.

TWO: Partners, property, successful negotiations or transactions.
Divination Meaning : Courage in embarking on an enterprise. Influence over another.
REVERSED: Partnership problems, delays in business.

THREE: Developments, oppurtunities and finances looking good.
Divination Meaning : Realization of hope. Caution against arrogance. Help from a powerful business friend.
REVERSED: Arrogance, obstinacy, or foolish pride could lose you an oppurtunity.

FOUR: Harvest, abundance, a well-earned rest, a new home, inner harmony.
Divination Meaning : Perfected work. Romance and a coming marriage.
REVERSED: Delayed completion, not failure just be patient.

FIVE: Creative struggle, competitive atmosphere, expect challenges, new ambitions or an upsurge of energy.
Divination Meaning : In the battle of life boldness changes things for the better.
REVERSED: Litigation, disputes, arguments, you should win through.

SIX: Victory, good news likely from the workplace.
Divination Meaning : Good news. Victory after problems. Advancement.
REVERSED: Arguments at work, someone at work could be causing trouble.

SEVEN: Struggle, you may feel like giving up but one last push is all that is needed
Divination Meaning : Victory through courage. Success over opposition.
REVERSED: Insecurity, fear of failure, hesitation could spoil your chances.

EIGHT: Speed, action, news, communication, new friends travel.
Divination Meaning : Messages, letters of love. Approach to your goal.
REVERSED: Do not make any hasty decisons, situation is out of hand.

NINE: One last challenge, recovery from a difficult patch, strength in reserve.
Divination Meaning : Pause in a struggle. Eventual victory.
REVERSED: Exhaustion, over doing it, take care of your health.

TEN: Career demands, a great deal of work, feeling weighed down.
Divination Meaning : Energy applied to selfish ends. Problem solved too soon.
REVERSED: Shared success, shared responsibilites, the hard work is over.

PAGE: Increase in energy, invitations, short journeys, luck with property.
Divination Meaning : Sudden in love or anger. A messenger. Desire for power.
REVERSED: Delays in communication, minor disappointmentsat work.

KNIGHT: An impetuous out-going young man, with little staying power.
Divination Meaning : A young man overflowing with energy. He is too hasty in what he does. May indicate a change of residence.
REVERSED: An untrustworthy charmer, do not fall in love with this character.

QUEEN: An independent, hospitable woman, is passionate in love but hates possessiveness.
Divination Meaning : Has power to attract what she wants. Is practical with money. Good business judgement.
REVERSED: An unreliable, possibly jealous woman, often a colleague.

KING: A vital fiery man who is generous and trustworthy.
Divination Meaning : May mean an unexpected heritage. A loyal and noble man. Sometimes too hasty.
REVERSED: A narrow minded individual who is elfish and can’t take love seriously.

Cup Tarot Card Meaning:
Sense, feelings, affection.

  • Cups are about love and happiness.
  • Cups refer to water, a symbol of the unconscious mind.
  • The female water spirit the “Undine”, is the creature associated with the Cup Tarot Cards.
  • The direction of Cups is west.

ACE: New beginnings in love or creativity.
Divination Meaning : Beginning of great love. May indicate a pregnancy.
REVERSED: An affair is ending, creativity is blocked, an emotional imbalance in a relationship.

TWO: Romantic or creative partnership could mean a very happy social time.
Divination Meaning : Beginning of love. Engagement or marriage.
REVERSED: Arguments in a relationship but a hasty split could bring regrets.

THREE: Celebrations, engagements, happiness.
Divination Meaning : Could mean three involved in a relationship. A partner is unfaithful.
REVERSED: Over spending, over eating, over doing it.

FOUR: Fear of being hurt, a need for security, boredom.
Divination Meaning : A stationary period in life. Kindness from other people.
REVERSED: Frenetic social life as a guard against loneliness.

FIVE: Despair will lead to hope, something lost, something yet to be dealt with.
Divination Meaning : May indicate a death of someone close. Marriage break up. Loss of friendship.
REVERSED: Cautious progress forward after a difficult time, new oppurtunities and an end to regret.

SIX: A past friend or lover could re-enter your life now, past efforts rewarded at work.
Divination Meaning : Happy feelings coming from the past. Meeting with a childhood friend.
REVERSED: It is time to move on and let go of the past.

SEVEN: Scattered energies, too many oppurtunities come at once…wait.
REVERSED: Beware self-delusions and false dreams.

EIGHT: A situation once important is now less consuming.
Divination Meaning : Disappointment in love. Success abandoned.
REVERSED: Depression, exhaustion, and lack of sleep….seek help.

NINE: Positive card, everything going extremely well for you now.
Divination Meaning : If this card appears you will get your wish. Material success.
REVERSED: Everything is going weel but take care as you may lose it all.

TEN: Lasting joy and fulfilled wishes.
Divination Meaning : Lasting happiness. New home. Happy friendship. Peace.
REVERSED: A move of house, emotional upheaval, and a sense of loss.

PAGE: Happy news, a gentle child, beginnings of an intuitive phase.
Divination Meaning : Good news. Birth of a child. Pregnancy. Business opportunity.
REVERSED: Bad dreams, incoherent information, insubstantial events.

KNIGHT: An artistic individual just strating out, a new romance.
Divination Meaning : Marriage proposal. Unexpected gift. A young man who is graceful.
REVERSED: Talent and sensitivity are there but motivation is lacking.

QUEEN: Imaginative female, often psychic, is talented but could lack confidence.
Divination Meaning : A person who can put into practise what the decree. Good business opportunity.
REVERSED: Emotional vampire inclined to manipulate close friends and lovers, she could be insecure or confused.

KING: An emotional man, creative, moody and sensitive.
Divination Meaning : This person is skilled in law and a trade. Turbulent voyage.
REVERSED: Heavy drinker, gloomy mood, sexual infidelity.

Sword Tarot Card Meaning:

  • This set of cards often involve a difficult period of Crisis.
  • It is a period of challenge that you must overcome. Sword Tarot Cards express courage and it teaches you that you must show courage in these difficult times.
  • Sometimes the card may also problems with enemies.

ACE: An extremely powerful card, mental power, destiny, get new projects and ideas off the ground now.
Divination Meaning : The power to love or hate strongly. To win an event.
REVERSED: Imbalance, quarrels, power games, severing negative links, keep a low profile.

TWO: Affairs are balancing out, justice will be done, sometimes stalemate.
Divination Meaning : Major decision to be made. Tension in love. Torn between two.
REVERSED: Release from a situation that has been at a standstill for too long.

THREE: Broken heart card, love triangle, compulsive sexual attraction.
Divination Meaning : Broken heart. End of a love. Separation, divorce.
REVERSED: Confusion, a chaotic situation caused by upheaval, not as bleak as itseems.

FOUR: You need peace, quiet and a good rest.
Divination Meaning : May indicate the death of someone close. End of a business. Great loss.
REVERSED: Exhaustion, loneliness, illness caused by stress.

FIVE: Limitation, minor setbacks, and a hollow victory.
Divination Meaning : Conquest of others. Or failure.
REVERSED: Harsh words, powerful negative feelings, let it go you will not win the argument.

SIX: Movement, either mental or physical moving on, enjoy yourself and forget worries.
Divination Meaning : The future looks better after the problems of the past. Having another represent you in an undertaking.
REVERSED: Temporary troubles, not as bleak as they seem.

SEVEN: Restlessness, varied influences, unexpected changes, theft, beware.
Divination Meaning : A plan may fail. Attempting to take what not is yours.
REVERSED: False friends a fast talker enters your life, beware.

EIGHT: A solution for troubles is hard to find, seek outside help.
Divination Meaning : Imprisonment. Scared to leave a situation. Trapped in unhappy marriage or job.
REVERSED: A release from problems and a deserved lucky break.

NINE: Difficult, negative state of mind, dark time will pass.
Divination Meaning : Bad dreams. Financial loss. May indicate the death of someone close.
REVERSED: Patience is needed but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

TEN: Betrayal of trust or confidence, words written or spoken will cause trouble.
Divination Meaning : Tears will fall. Disruption of the home life. Back problems. Accident. Ruin of plans.
REVERSED: Negative thinking is causing trouble, will continue until you change your attitude.

PAGE: News, gossip, scandal, increase in mental energy.
Divination Meaning : Bad news by a letter or phone. Uncontrollable young person.
REVERSED: Someone is spreading spiteful rumours behind your back.

KNIGHT: Studious bright young man, or someone rushing into your life.
Divination Meaning : A dashing, brave young man. Although dominant, he has a pureheart.
REVERSED: A secretive person may be lying to you.

QUEEN: A lively intelligent woman who loves to talk, is emotionally cool and logical.
Divination Meaning : Kindness but also firmness. Person may be in mourning. Woman fighting an emotional battle.
REVERSED: A lonely, malicious woman and insecure woman, is clever and could be dangerous.

KING: A clever, quickwitted man, perhaps a lawyer or other professional.
Divination Meaning : This is a male who may be a lawyer, policeman, judge, or government official. He can give wise counsel.
REVERSED: A manipulative and verbally destructive man.

Pentacle Tarot Card Meaning:
Wealth, finance, income.

  • In ancient times Pentacles were metal disks inscribed with magic formulas.
  • The Pentacles are inscribed with the five pointed star called the Pentagram.
  • The direction of the Pentacles is east.
  • The creature is the Gnome, a being of the Earth.
  • The Pentacle Tarot Card is the suit of the merchant.

ACE: Payrise, gifts, windfall, emotionally stable relationship.
Divination Meaning : The successful beginning of a new business. New job. Material gain.
REVERSED: Be careful with your money, greed will undermine progress.

TWO: Two jobs, changing fortunes, extra work.
Divination Meaning : Juggling two situations at the same time. News in writing. New projects will be difficult.
REVERSED: Financial or emotional ups and downs. Instability at work.

THREE: Hardwork is rewarded financially or with recognition, home improvements.
Divination Meaning : Gain in a commercial transaction. Job opportunity`s.
REVERSED:Fear of failure, lack of application or over concern with material success.

FOUR: Financial stabilitynot large but enough.
Divination Meaning : Indicates someone who is a scrooge. Material gain but no spiritual gain.
REVERSED: A miser or financial anxiety, avarice in a personality.

FIVE: Low self worth or lack of finances are causing problems.
Divination Meaning : Friendship discovered through similar troubles. Loss of job. Loss of home.
REVERSED: Hard work will improve finances, losses will be made good.

SIX: A gift of money or help or you may be in a position to help someone in this way.
Divination Meaning : You receive what you deserve. Charity work. Others will share with you.
REVERSED: Financial loss through carelessness, legal settlementsas in a divorce, will or ending of a business partnership.

SEVEN: A lot of hard work for little gain, future reward so don’t give up.
Divination Meaning : Stress over a loan. Pause and think during development of a business. Loss of money.
REVERSED: Acheivement seems unlikely at this time reassess your goals.

EIGHT: A course that teaches new skills or expand abilities. Financial prudence is advisable.
Divination Meaning : Learning a trade. The beginning of a new business. New job.
REVERSED: Work will not be easy, perhaps you are in the wrong job or your skills are being undervalued.

NINE: Time to enjoy the fruits of your labours, love of nature and happiness surround you.
Divination Meaning : Inheritance. Enjoying the good things of life. Unexpected money to come your way.
REVERSED: Do not gamble or risk money at this time, do not make expansion plans for your business as there may be losses in the future.

TEN: Profit from the sale of a house, insurance dividend or tax rebate.
Divination Meaning : May be the purchase of a new house or business. Interest in one`s ancestry.
REVERSED: Restrictions, concern for a family member, inhibitions, or conflicts.

PAGE: Small money gains, good news connected with the family.
Divination Meaning : Good news for study and ideas. About to start a new study course. Planning future.
REVERSED: Warns against thefts of money from a wallet or handbag. Unexpected expenditure.

KNIGHT: Sensible, well planned ambitions will carry this person to the top, they may seem slow but are hardworking and honest.
Divination Meaning : A strong responsible man. New business venture.
REVERSED: Career problems caused by a lack of confidence.

QUEEN: Kind and sensible woman who is supportive in a crisis.
Divination Meaning : Indicates a person generous with gifts. Good mother.
REVERSED: Selfish and greedy woman.

KING: Loyal and sensible man, sensual and secure, he is prepared to wait for what he wants.
Divination Meaning : Powerful businessman, banker or property magnate. He is good in marriage and good with giving to charity.
REVERSED: A boring and obstinate man, possessive and mean who is afraid to take a chance.

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