Teleportation is the ability of moving matter from one point in time and space to another point in time and space instantaneously. There are different types of teleportation available at this time both visual and physical teleportation are possible and we use visual teleportation as our starting point.

The different types of visual teleportation are. visual body or astral body teleportation, or visual object teleportation but before we can master teleportation we must first learn the art of Telekinesis/Psychokinesis and Clairsentience and the higher state of consciousness the seventh sense.

Other abilities useful in teleportation are Tele-Visualization and ESP (Extrasensory Perception). The ability of teleportation is used in Time travel, Interstellar travel, and Dimensional travel.

Teleportation is the near instantaneous transport of the Psychic from one location to another and there is no other form of travel faster then teleportation

When learning teleportation it is important to first train the mind in the art of stillness and learn the movement of energy that resides around and within us.

All living forms are made up of bio energetic fields of matter and around all physical object you will find the etheric structure of its make up. The ability to learning teleportation is studied in mediation and auric vision


Teleporting Physical Objects

Step One
Find a small object of your choice. ( I used a teaspoon)

Step Two
Then hold the object in between your hands and hold your arms so that they are comfortable.

Step Three
Then I want you to sit quietly breathe deeply and get comfortable and relax.

Step Four
Empty your mind of all extra thoughts and remain clear minded and focused on the task at hand.

Step Five
With your eyes closed feel the energy of the spoon and blend your energy with the objects energy Feel around the object and knit your energy with the energy of the object remember feel it don’t think about it. ( Your hand may feel hot as your energy blends this is normal)

Step Six
Get into the flow of the object and feel the energy around the object and within the object. Once your energy has kintted with the object feel the force of the energy and stabalize it before you move to the next step.

Step Seven
Then visualize or feel the object leaving your hands in a word disappearing from between your hands and reappearing at the desired destination and as it leaves your hands open your eyes and see the object appearing at the destination before you


Never apply force! You aren’t there to physically force the object to move through the fabric of time and space. That’s not point of the exercise.

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