This ritual should be performed on Jan. 12th, Compitalia. This is a celebration in Rome when the Lare ( household Gods ) were honored. Every family has a protector. You should provide a statue, bowl of stones, or other focal object as a habitation for the protector. I personally feel that my protectors are gargoyles. I have a statue of 3 gargoyles who are stacked on top of one another at my dining room/ kitchen altar and another little gargoyle in the living room on top of the T.V.

Choose an incense that reminds you of herbs, forests and green growing things. Put a green candle in a holder and lay your wand ( or athame ) next to it.

Decorate the immediate area around your symbol of your guardian with pine cones, small staues of deer or other forestanimal, ivy, holly, or something similiar. Clean the symbol so there is no dust or dirt on it. This rite could be considered a kind of birthday party so feel free to add food and drink as part of it.

Light the incense and candle and say:

Guardian spirits, I invite you to join me here at this altar. You are my friends and I wish to thank you.

Take the incense and circle the symbol clockwise 3 times and say:

I thank you for the atmosphere you help to keep clean and pleasant in this home.

Move the candle 3 times around the symbol clockwise and say:

I thank you for the light you send to purify and dispel darkness.

With your wand, athame or even your power hand, encircle the symbol 3 times again and say:

I ask for your continued help and protection for me, my family, pets and property. Iask that you drive away trouble-makers, thieves, and others, physical and non-physical, who are bent on evil disruptive purposes. I thank you for your friendship and love.

Stand with your arms raised and say:

Lovely Goddess, Lord of the Greenwood, I present to you the Guardian of this house, the special spirit(s) I have invited into my home. I honor this guardian in this symbol of its being. Bless this Guardian. And to your blessings, I add my thanks for its protection and friendship.

If you have provided food and drink, invite your protector friends to have a party with you. When you are finished, thank them again for their presence.

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