Archangel Ariel – “lion or lioness of God”

Protecting the environment, animals, and the waters, protection if you travel by water, helps with sick or lost pets, relationship harmony, divine magic, and manifestation

Archangel Azreal – “whom God heals”

Comforting the dying and grieving, helps with transition from this life into the afterlife, helps you communicate with loved ones who have passed

Archangel Chamuel – “he who seeks God”

Finding lost items, healing of the heart, compassion, relationship healing including forgiveness, finding true love, enhancing your current relationship, career, and life purpose

Archangel Gabriel – “God is my strength”

Clear communication with God, life purpose involving the arts, adopting a child, fertility or child conception, communicating with spirit or your unborn child

Archangel Haniel – “glory of the grace of God”

Grace, meeting new people and creating new friendships, finding true love, discovering and enhancing your spiritual gifts, developing clairvoyance and your psychic abilities

Archangel Jehudiel

Divine direction, build self-esteem and confidence, get a job

Archangel Jeremiel – “mercy of God”

Manifesting your heart’s desires, creating your best future, understanding prophetic information, understanding and interpreting your dreams, and life reviews to take an inventory of your life

Archangel Michael – “he who is like God”

Protecting children, protection during travel, protection of all kinds, mechanical difficulties, patron saint of policemen, releasing and shielding from negativity, chakra clearing, courage, strength, selfesteem, motivation, direction, and life purpose

Archangel Raphael – “God heals” or “God has healed”

Healing of all kinds, animals, protecting travelers, protects and watches over pets

Archangel Raziel – “secret of God”

Divine magic, manifestation, alchemy, abundance, prosperity, spiritual growth, enhancing psychic abilities, understanding esoteric information, and sharing the wisdom of the universe

Archangel Sarie – “light of God”

Creating loving relationships, healing and enhancing relationships, guidance in your dreams, and interpreting your dreams

Archangel Uriel – “God is light” or “fire of God”

Weather, prophecy, bringing light to a situation, manifestation, divine magic, and alchemy

Archangel Zadkiel – “the righteousness of God”

Healing guilt, emotional healing, releasing judgment, healing with acceptance and compassion, and helps with forgiveness for self and others

Archangel Zaphiel – Protecting and watching over children, healing of the heart, forgiveness of self and others, healing anger, and weather conditions

Archangel Zerachiel

Finding lost items, healing addictions, and helping children affected by parents of addiction

Angel Barakiel – “God’s blessing”

Good fortune, abundance, maintaining a positive outlook and encouragement

Angel Bath Kol

Forgiveness of self and others and healing of the heart

Angel Gadiel – “God is my wealth”

Releasing negativity, abundance and prosperity, finding life direction, transforming disagreements into compassion and forgiveness

Angel Gamaliel – “recompense of God”

Miracles, experiencing more joy and happiness, gifts of all kinds, abundance and prosperity

Angel Gazardiel – “the illuminated one”

Finding a new career, getting a raise, illuminates your path ahead, and opportunities

Angel Hasmal

Known as the fire-speaking angel who guards the throne of God

Releasing limiting beliefs, discovering your divine purpose, and creating your highest potential

Angel Laylah

An angel of the night; his name comes from the Hebrew word meaning sleep

Watching over newborn children and new mothers

Angel Pathiel – “the opener”

Opening the gates to manifestation, abundance and prosperity, wishes and desires, and computer problems

Angel Suriel

the angel who rules over the earth

Protecting your home and possessions, manifesting your heart’s desires, letting go of your limiting beliefs, experiencing heaven on E

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