The goal of an Elemental Magician, at this point, is to become familiar with the conduction of elemental energy. These are the very real and tangible energies that we deal with on an every-day basis.

Hot, cold, kinetics, and stasis — they all play a factor in the control of the physical elemental weather patterns and fluxuations that carry on around us in life.

Water, air, heat, and mineral are all under the dominion of the accomplished elementalist. These types of energy are the most readily apparent type of all but also, bar none, among the most difficult to use.

Elemental Magic focuses on the concentration and surging of these energies to achieve a specific purpose in accordance with the nature of the specific element being dealt with. Air tends to be the easiest to control since, by its very nature, it is always in a state of change. Earth tends, also by its nature, to be the hardest thereby resisting the will of the magician.

The “trick”, so to speak, of Elemental Magic is to learn what personal techniques or methods work best for you to get the element in question to obey.

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