Herbal magick is a combination of you and the herb. Plants have vibrations and energies which, when combined with your own, can create powerful magick.

GREEN WITCH: A nickname for a female or male Witch who is skilled in the art of wortcunning. The herb magick practiced by a Green Witch is called “the Green Arts” or “Green Magick”; the use of medicinal herbs is known as “Green Healing.”

WORTCUNNING: The knowledge and use of the secret healing and magickal properties of herbs; a word used by folk healers, Witches, and Wiccans of all traditions to mean the practice of herbalism. Wortcunning has been associated with the Old Religion since ancient times.

A List of Basic Tools

  • Boline for Collecting Herbs (Don’t forget say Thank you as you collect)
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Glass Pot (or any non-metallic/ heat resistant pot)-not be used for other purposes
  • Source of Flame
  • Candles
  • Censer & Incense (if performing rituals)
  • Spring Water (or bottled water)
  • Eye Dropper (for blending oils)
  • Needles and Supplies (including threads, yarn and natural fabric for sachets, amulets, etc)
  • And of course your herbs.

Drying Your Herbs

Remove all insect eaten and/or brown leaves prior to drying.Rinse with pure water to remove any mud or dirt and pat dryLay out on paper, out of sunlight on baking sheets, turn every dayMake sure the room is well ventilated. When leaves are crumbly, strip them off and store

To dry seed and seed heads: Place in brown paper bag and tie open end shut around the stem. These seem to dry out quick. Shake bag or roll to loosen seeds. Open bag and discard stems.

Storing Herbs

Dark glassed bottles make for the best storage. Get several different sizes. You want to make sure they have an air-tight lid or cork. Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Make sure you label each bottle with the name of herb and the date it was harvested or purchased

Rosemary: Used for protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Purification and Healing. It is known for it powerful cleansing when burned and is considered one of the oldest incenses. It also said that growing Rosemary in your garden can attract Elves.

ANGELICA: The powers associated with Angelica are healing, protection and visions. Sprinkled around the corners of your home, it will help to ward off evil. Use it in incense and mixtures to aid in healing. To remove curses and/or hexes add it to your bath. Tying the first perfect bloom you see in the spring in a red cloth will guard against disease when carried. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !)

BAY OR BAY LAUREL: Place under a pillow to help induce prophetic dreams or burn to cause visions for psychic powers is one of the powers of bay. bay mixed with sandlewood and burn to help remove curses because the other powers of bay are protection, healing, strength and purification. Scatter on floor during purification ceremonies.

CELADINE: The powers of this herb are protection, happiness and help in legal matters. Worn to court it will help to win the favor of the judge or jury. Helps to cure depression and will bring good spirits and joy when worn. Other names for Celadine are Devil’s Milk, Tetterwort and Swallow-Wort.

COLTSFOOT: Add this to love sachets as the powers connected with coltsfoot are love and visions. Use in peace and tranquility spells to streghten them. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !) Coltsfoot is also called Ass’s, Foal’s or Bull’s Foot, Butterbur, British Tobacco or Coughwort.

HEATHER: Since heather carries the powers of luck, protection and rain making, burn with fern to attract rain or carry to ward off violent crimes and/or to bring good luck (white heather is best used for luck)..It is said that it has long been used to conjure ghosts

IRIS: Place fresh flowers in areas you wish to be cleansed as it has been used for the purpose of purification since the Roman Times. Iris can be used to induce faith, wisdom and valour as this is what the 3 petals symbolize.

TANSY: Carry to lengthen life span or place in shoes to help cure persistent fevers. The tansy’s powers are health and longevity. Just a note…ants seem to hate it ! It is also known as “buttons”.

VIOLETS: Some of the power influences of the voilet are protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace and healing. Carry the flowers to bring luck and fortune or gather the first violets in the spring to bring your greatest wish come true. Mixed with lavender to make a powerful love sachet…It has been mentioned that the Ancient Greeks wore it to calm tempers and induce sleep. Placed on the head it can help to cures headaches and dizziness. Wearing the leaves in a green sachet may help to heal wounds.

Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs; Scott Cunningham’s Magical Herbalism.

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