When the firmament is alight with meteoric phenomena, and the Merry Dancers assume their pretty gowns and make great sport up and down the curtain of the night sky until they in a fair frolic and frenzy, these Northern Lights are come to let you know that the evening is full of magick, and the season ripe for spells and craftworking.

Therefore, coax a cat (better if she be black) on to your lap, and sit alone with her in the garden, stroking her until a sheen appears on her coat, and she purrs contentedly. Have at your elbow a nipperkin of wine in a small vessel, and at the cat’s first stretch, anoint her lightly with the wine, making the sign of the Celtic Cross upon her head, and then do the same for yourself.

Gently grasp the end of her tail and stroke it three times swiftly over your left eye, and then over your right, saying:

Elves of the night, enchant my sight,
Your forms for to see in moon or sunlight,
With this spell and with this sign
I pri’thee, forward my design.

Let puss run off, and steal away to your bedchamber, there to comtemplate the moon and the stars and all the magickal lights of the sky from your lattice. If you have found favor with the fairies, then mystic dreams will come to you that night, and afterwards you will begin to see the Little People at their revels, faintly at first, but yet more clear, more lucid, as the fairy enchantment blesses ever deeper your inner seeing.

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