Past-Life Abilities

It is very possible for children to be born with special psychic abilities that they acquired in a past life. A child who is given the opportunity will start to use those born gifts again as he or she grows and develops. Children may use their past-life talents at first as they remember how they used them from before. If current conditions are different, they could become frustrated and abandon them forever.

It is normal for a parent or other family member to want a child to do well with her natural abilities. However, please keep in mind that good intentions can sometime lead to pushing the child beyond her interests, and the result is that the child abandons special natural gifts.

Identify Abilities Related to Seeing

The first step is to identify the strengths of the child’s use of the five senses. How well do they see? As they grow you may be able to watch their eyes looking at images that the normal human eye fails to detect. These images may come from their mind, or they may be an energy that they see. If it is their imagination, they will look up and to either the right or left. If it is something that is an energy form, they will focus on its location and follow it with their eyes.

A child may begin to see auras around other people. If they start when they are older, it is possible that they may think they need glasses to correct what they are seeing. They may be able to see spirits, ghosts, or angels. They may focus on another lifetime and become absorbed in this second reality. Many of these abilities are natural and are a part of a child’s heritage from the past.

Identify Hearing Abilities

Some children may be born with the ability to hear at a level that would be considered a psychic gift. They may be able to hear the spirits, guides, angels, or even the Voice of God. They may be able to hear sounds from a different period of time. They may have the ear of a great musician in the past. The more you encourage them to develop this talent, the more they will be comfortable and confident in using it in the future.

Identify Feeling Abilities

Other children may be born with the ability to feel energy. They may bring forward a healing touch that can help many people in their lifetime. They may be able to feel moods and predict pending future events. They may have a great compassion for mankind that is a part of their soul’s journey. If you know of a child with these healing and compassionate qualities, you may want to help guide them to gain confidence in these intuitive abilities.

Psychic Abilities Related to Taste and Smell

As in the other senses, some children may bring with them special psychic gifts in taste and smell. They may smell things in certain places that no one else is able to. They may have a reaction to the taste or smell of a food that is related to a past life. They may have a born ability to cook from recipes they have brought with them from the past. Their ability to smell may connect them to other images from the past, such as visual images or sounds or voices.

A child may be born with special artistic talents in music, drawing, writing, or painting. As soon as you spot the possibility of a natural talent, think about how you can encourage it to grow and flourish. The most important thing to remember is that their gift should be something they enjoy and not feel pushed into.

Memories of a Past Life

It’s also possible for children to have such a strong memory from a past life that they have trouble separating its reality from their current life. They may treat you or others differently from the role they are currently experiencing. They may act like your parent or take on another family role.

Children can see someone as a threat in this lifetime in response to a situation is carried over from a past lifetime. They may react to a certain individual’s presence with fear or other abnormal behavior. If you observe this, you may want to give the child a chance to tell you at an opportune time why they feel the way they do about that person. You may be able to help them adjust to this lifetime and help them use their intuitive ability as part of their guidance system in the future.

Working Through Unresolved Karma

A child may actually be part of an old unresolved karma from a past life. They may bring with them the opportunity for those close to them to begin to get back in tune with their soul’s journey. It may be something between just you and a child, or it may involve even more players. Whatever the lesson is, the child is a part of it, and if it is not resolved, you may need to continue in another lifetime.

This old karma may include the carrying forward of psychic abilities from a past life. These abilities could have been developed for a special purpose, such as for survival. The problem is, this life is different, and the child may not know how to adjust their intuitive abilities from the past to their present life. The sooner you recognize that a child is struggling with an issue from the past, the sooner you can help them become in tune with their purpose in this life.

Imaginary Friends

You may notice children who carry on conversations with one or more other people who are invisible to the naked eye. These children may have what is commonly known as imaginary friends. These friends may have special names. Children may include their friends in many of the family’s activities, or they may choose to play with them when they are alone. They may tell you about games they are taught to play by their friends from the Other Side. These friends may be connected to a specific location, but it is the child’s natural gift for second sight that allows them to be aware of their presence.

So what do you say to a child who plays with imaginary friends? Do you encourage her, or do you tell her to stop? When Kate was a small child, she would play with the spirit of her brother, who had died before she was born. One day she and her brother were playing in the car, and her mother, who was driving, told Kate to behave. When Kate explained that it was her brother’s fault, her mother reminded her that he was dead, and afterward Kate never saw him again.

Children walk a fragile line between their dual realities, and sometimes it is very easy to discourage them from being able to experience both views. Even when an adult takes an action that is intended to be positive for the child, it may in fact have a negative effect. It is a good idea to proceed with caution and a lot of sensitivity when you address the subject of imaginary friends with a child.

Guides and Angels

Many children have imaginary friends who are really their spiritual guides. You may want to ask a child if he has something or someone who does watch over them — it may look like a fairy, an angel, or even a deceased relative. Children may not see their invisible teams, but they may still hear voices, feel their presence, or smell a special odor when they need to have the feeling of support. You may be aware of something that is happening between a child and his or her team before the topic comes up for conversation.

Sometimes, when children see something that is watching over them, it can be an uncomfortable experience. They may not be happy about their abilities to be aware of the unseen. Not only can you help the child understand that she has a special gift that she shouldn’t be afraid of, you may also be able to communicate with what the child is seeing and request that they do not scare the child. Sometimes even spirits need help in order to understand their effect on the real world.

The subject of angels or guides may be a good subject for discussion during Story Time. If children do have something that watches over them, ask them to describe or draw what it looks like. Find out how often they communicate with the spirits and ask them to share with you each time they have a new visit. You could be in for a great adventure that can teach you and help a child grow and develop their intuitive gifts.

Dreams and Nightmares

It is very possible that children’s psychic abilities may manifest themselves in dreams and even nightmares. They may dream past-life memories that indicate possible psychic talents that can continue to develop in their current lifetime. In your Story Time, you may ask them to tell you about their dreams and nightmares. You can then explain to them the realities that apply to their life now and help them understand any others that are only a dream they do not need to continue.

Nightmares may stem from unresolved past-life issues. A good way to help a child work through a nightmare is to help them connect with their Universal Protection. At an early age that may mean feeling a sense of something that is with them such as an angel that watches over and protects them from harm. Let them tell you what is the best for them, and then you can reinforce what they say.

A deceased relative may visit a child in a dream. They may be there to provide comfort when it is needed or to warn him to be aware of potential problems. If children learn to be comfortable and trust their dreams, they can incorporate the deceased relative as part of their guidance system. They can learn to believe that messages in their dreams are for the good if they use the information positively.

As they grow older, children may be able to perceive the future in a dream state. Usually the information they receive is of some pending unpleasantness, such as the death of a relative. They may blame themselves for the results of their dream. It is easy for them to become scared of this psychic ability, and they may try hard to make their gift disappear. If you know of a child who feels guilty for an intuitive gift, you can help explain to her that it is not her fault and that what she was born with is a gift that can be used for good throughout her lifetime.

Help Your Child Develop Her Gifts

Many adults develop their psychic abilities as children without the help of others. For most, these abilities came about as a direct result of the environment they were raised in. In many cases, psychic talents were developed under pressure to help them escape negative situations. That sensitivity has remained with them as adults, and now it may be out of balance with their environment. In other words, many adults developed psychic talents as children for a purpose that is no longer needed, but they do not know how to adjust this gift to their current life situation.

Imagine what it would be like for children to grow up in an environment that was filled with love and the freedom to understand. It would be a time when they could grow with the opportunity to reach into their rich heritage of abilities that they brought with them when they were born. Imagine a child who was allowed to understand his special gifts and learn to develop confidence in letting them be used for the good of others.

You have that opportunity to help children grow and develop their special psychic gifts. It may be the beginning of a special bond between you, the children, and the Universe. It is very possible that you may also learn and become confident in your own psychic abilities when you enter the world of unlimited opportunity of a child.

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