Having already found the source of their power in themselves, the Satanic Mage is not concerned so much with the collection process as much as the ability to release this energy and manifest it in the form of magical results. Many times, the spell process is the creation of mental demons (as suggested in many modern demonolatry books) and sending them out for a purpose, or conversely in simply taking the natural forces within the caster themself and turnning them to a purpose. There are many good resources for Satanic Mages, but many poor ones as well. The trick, in this art, to finding decent information is looking for pages that cite other sources on the topic. The community tends to be tightly knit, even if not personable, because of the harrassment they get from using the term “Satanist” (which really ends up meaning Hedonism more than it has anything to do with Satan) in the presence of the monotheistic majority.

The challenge for people of this art is to seperate the internal magic aspects of Satanic Magic from the demonological or religions aspects and learn to use their power purely. Best of luck in this endeavour — you’ll need it.

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