To make a magick mirror, you need:

  • An 8X10 photo frame with a removable back and removable glass
  • Black high-gloss paint (not aerosol spray)
  • Dried and *powdered* psychic-enhancing herbs: hyssop, dragon’s blood reed,
  • orris root, anise seed, and any variety of dried moss.
  • A disposable mixing container
  • A paintbrush

Collect the items during the waning phase. Mix paint and herbs together until you have a thick, tar-like substance. Here’s a chant while mixing:

“Vision of night, By the moon’s dark light, Enter my art! All evil depart!”

As you chant, imagine moonbeams entering the paint through your hands. Paint one side of the glass with the paint-herb mixture using long, straight strokes. Cover one surface completely, leaving no holes. When dry, re-assemble with painted side down (the unpainted, shiny part shows through the frame). Many people don’t go to all this trouble. They simply spray paint the back of a frame glass with black enamel. Just depends on what you prefer.

Mirrors and Mirror Magick
by DenElder,

…is believed to be as old as when humans lived in primitive civilized conditions, and at that time used shiny surfaces of any sort. I firmly believe that Reflective Magick has been around since the first time our ancestors looked in a still pool and suddenly realized that that creature staring back up at them, was indeed, themselves. In these times, so very long ago through to recent times, reflective surfaces such as mirrors were used as Crystal Balls can be. They stared to see the future, the past, and those who had died.

The image of the person was believed to be their actual Soul, thus very bad luck to break a mirror! Yep, that’s where that came from! Other beliefs included that staring at yourself would frighten away demons and the illness and bad luck they caused.

When using a mirror as a scrying tool, first make sure you are working in a positive energy manner and keep hold of your Will.

Look at it on a slight slant, and make sure no light is reflected in it.
Don’t allow another person or pet to appear within it at this time either.

Fix your eyes on one spot, the first action will be an apparent distorting of your own face; if it clouds then discontinue. Do not fall asleep!

This is a form of self-hypnosis and remember you can also use this form of self-hypnosis to try and contact those who have passed over.

Many people will keep their Magick Mirror for scrying purposes alone, and keep it covered when not in use. The fear is that the mirror can be used as a vehicle, or gate of entrance, for negativity or negative entities. I must say that having an uncovered mirror in my work room does cause me unease. I can’t say why, only that it exists and as such I react by keeping any mirror present there, but covered.

I do not know factually when Black Mirrors came into use. Be warned however that many sold as a Black Obsidian Mirror, are actually mere Leaded Glass. Such Black Mirrors are not necessary for scrying purposes and their prices are often exorbitant! However if you wish to experiment with such, there are booklets readily available or Crystal Well, Lammas 1974 had an excellent article by a J.W. (may be Joseph Wilson, founder of The Waxing Moon which then became Crystal Well).Put very simply from J.W.’s directions… take a round perfect glass (many practitioners recommend a clock facing), and paint it with black enamel paint.

Of course there is much more to it. Speaking for myself I invoke a ritual atmosphere with the making of the mirror, the making of its wooden casing, and the marks there-on lasting through the growing of the moon. On the first day (and I try for the very first minutes) that the moon begins its waxing, I begin for thus is when power begins to grow. And coat by coat I paint, empower, and add my ingredients until when done I sit the new device in a closed box for maturation.

Next, work begins on the wooden framework, then the mirror enclosed, then the sealing of the back to hold the mirror securely in place. The whole time utilizing crystal fragments, herbs, and certain personalized procedures. I have now gifted several of these mirrors and been told they are spectacular for any use.

From experience, I would recommend using a strong glass and not a delicate type or it may shatter on you. I went through several of the recommended, clock-face glass… and each time I shattered it at the empowering stages. Of course this may be my own fault of being a bull-in-a-china-closet, but this is something to be considered. A Magician-Sister recommends plate-glass, which is nice and heavy.

Just like making Runes can be a long systematic process, I make the making a Black Mirror, a long systematic process. In this instance, I indeed, make… a molehill into a mountain… one step at a time.

But is this the end of the topic? You should know me better than this… of course not. The mirror which is well empowered, and sits comfortably in your hand is a multi-purpose tool… Meditation is a time of reflection, contemplation, and the turning inward of your thoughts to Self, or turning your thoughts outward to Deity. This quiet time is a precious commodity and an essential for living the Magick.

Calm yourself.
Ground and Center.
Take your mirror in hand, and gently look into it…
Look within the eyes of that person who looks back at you…
Relax. breath in… breath out… and let Self slowly but assuredly… drift!

Thus you move Self into a Higher State of Consciousness… for which purpose can be just to relax and unwind taunt nerves; a quiet time. Perhaps you wish to concentrate on a specific thought, problem, or situation. Perhaps you just want to wait for whatever comes your way… whether thought, symbol, or whatever. Now is a time you can use to speak and communicate with the Powers of your worship, no matter your path; tell Them of your love and devotion, for example.

Remember that the advanced definition of meditation, the True Meditation consists of three distinct and separate parts… Relaxation, Contemplation, and Negation. First you relax, ground and center, and empty the mind… second, is the contemplation; the thinking or dwelling on the subject at hand… third, dismiss the thoughts, the state of mind, and bring yourself back to a normal condition both mentally and physically. Do you get up with a headache or dizzy spell? Then you didn’t properly execute stage three of True Meditation.

This is not all that can be done with your mirror however… if you repeat what I said above and get to the point of drifting… you are now at an excellent point of enhanced intuitive talents. All answers are within. and now you are in a mental frame of mind and self to seek out those answers. To foresee the future or unravel the past.

Now re-read that last sentence. Ask yourself what you believe is possible, in the way of going into the past or the future. If you can go back one week to see who committed a certain crime, why could you not go back one year? Ten years? What about 50 years? What about foresee events that took place before you were born? Now I put the thought before you… if you have the talent to pick up an event which occurred only a short time ago, why could you not go back to events that happened years ago? Or hundreds of years? Or thousands of years?

Now… if you can conclude that going into the past is possible, what about going into the future? We often read the Tarot to predict possibilities and trends for up-coming events. Gaze into a crystal sphere and scry for the future. How far is possible? Is there a limit that you think exists, and of so why that limit?

I’m telling you that there is no limits to what you are capable of except those you put upon your Self… or those limitations not within your aptitudes. Think you can’t… and you won’t. Have the slightest doubt in the world… and you’ve already lost the attempt before it was done.
There are two terms this subject is dealing with…

First is Bi-location which is a type of Astral Projection. It is the projecting of Conscious Self, while retaining Conscious Control of the projection, as well as being aware of Self within the Physical Body. You know and control the situation from your body of the Astral Projection, which is elsewhere.

The other is Time Travel. And “No! I’m not kidding.” Let me include the following excerpt from my main section of the OOTLB Glossary…

Time is one of those lovely terms that can be debated for hours upon end without successful conclusion. TIME is a term for the human concept of a dimension that exists and which appears to travel or unfold in a linear manner. But, is Time merely existence, or is it experience? Does it just happen, or does it merely be? These are the questions we discuss over and over, when we argue about “What is Time?”

Time is made up of four parts: 1) Past which comes before Present; 2) Present, which comes before Future; 3) Future, which has not yet occurred in this dimension; and 4) Duration, which is further made up of Appearance, Disappearance, Recurrence, and Change.

Time can be said to travel in a straight line and yet Time has no point, no line, nor any plane. Yet it has Breadth, Length, and Duration; just as a physical plane would have the addition of Thickness, as well as Length and Breadth.

Present, is always about two seconds in the Past because the human conception is that slow, in analyzing Present.

Why even discuss this subject? Because Adepts work with Timing; as in Time Travel in the Astral Projection exercises, various rituals, etc. Thus one must have some concept of the wonderful theories of, Time.

Now the reason I added this to a section about Mirrors is because first, it’s on topic; second, it repeats what I would have said here anyway; and third, I’ve discovered the added use of mirrors to this particular exercise.

So now that you might have a fuller understanding of what Time is, you can think of it in clearer connotation. The following also comes from the Glossary…

Time Travel is part of the argument of Time. Can it be done? Is it possible? Try reading about the Philadelphia Experiment and later, Montauk Project to gain some interesting insight and speculation on this topic. Follow up with a study of Shelly Stockwell who does believe in, and teaches methods of Time Travel.

Any attempt at this exercise must be turned into what I call a Chess Game, plans within plans of strategy.

Plan ahead; trust the journey, the emotions, and your own senses! And don’t waste the opportunity if you do manage success at this exercise.

Ms. Stockwell speaks of breathing control, and moving yourself into what she calls a Time Core, then imagining yourself into a certain time, again breathing deeply and returning from the journey with an admonish to yourself to remember the details and experience of the trip.

My own advice is to first figure out just what your plans are then keep those plans in your head and thoughts. Fast, as in go without eating, for at least 24 hours; cleanse yourself outward and inward; deeply breathe for a few minutes; then ground and center.

Be sure you are ground and centered! You must be well anchored in this time and place. Lay comfortable. Then, you are basically going to do an AP exercise, only with the added dimension, of Time. Thus you would control it, and end it, as you would as though you had just APed. However, you may have a dizzy feeling upon completion, a bit of odd sensation to the stomach and other internal areas, may even be light-headed. So move carefully or just lie for a little while re-adjusting.

But here is where a Mirror comes into use. Just before you lie yourself out in total comfort, utilize the mirror as directed above… get yourself into that Drifting State of being, while maintaining the utmost control of the now and the Target Time. Look at yourself in the mirror and know that the image is truly you.

Is there danger in forgetting or getting confused? If you lack the self-control and Will Power to accomplish the task correctly and fairly successfully, you will be unable to even implement it into action. Sometimes we can not reach the targeted time for some purpose beyond our understanding, but you will still get some… time. Lack of control and you might be confused or have a headache for several hours to a day or so. Be dizzy, which was my main trouble as I learned this technique and with which I still sometimes suffer, if I attempt it when my upper sinuses are blocked. Your stomach might go into nausea or you could vomit. But sorry, no chance of being “lost forever”, in the shadow worlds some people like to scare themselves with. Nor will anybody be “stealing your soul”. Nor will you be able to impact the time visited.

To what purpose can such an exercise be used? To see the future, of course. But also to view the past, especially useful in past-life memory work; only you aren’t working with a memory but with a movie-view scenario. Thus if somebody is doing past-life work for you, and speak afterwards as though they had viewed the subject or situation; chances are they were doing bi-location/bi-time work, or possibly time traveling. It is a complex situation with such variances of possibilities and the ‘labels’ one can attach to them. Which is the correct label?

I don’t even pretend to know for certain. Perhaps the two terms are actually the same thing. I will leave it to others to nit-pic these details.

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