lyrics by Lady Bridget & Rae Blackhood 1994
sung to the tune of “This Old Man”

Blessed be, three times three, as I do will so mote it be
With the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirits in a circle
As I do will, so mote it be.

Witches live by this creed guarding thought and word and deed
An’ it harm no one, do anything you will
This is called the Wiccan Rede.

Samhain starts our New Year, spirits of the dead are near
Divination tools are easiest to use
Veils between the worlds are sheer.

Yule is when the Sun King dies, to be reborn in winter skies
Homemade gifts are exchanged in honor of his birth
Winter Solstice on the Earth.

At Imbolc, candles burn, strengthening the Sun’s return
As we bless the seeds and prepare for the Spring
When the Earth is green again.

Equinox in the Spring, Mother Earth awakening
As we plant what we want to mature throughout the year
Sow good fortune and good cheer.

Beltane sees Maypoles rise, just a penis in disguise!
Colored ribbons represent our wishes and our dreams
Celebrate fertility!

Litha comes at June’s end, solar apex now descends
Sun King’s course is at it’s yearly height
Longest day and shortest night.

Lammas is for corn and grain, Mother Goddess ripe again
Her consort sheds his blood for summer’s bloom
Now we honor our Lord Llew .

The wheel it turns another notch, which brings us to Fall Equinox
Thanks for the blessings, grapes are on the vine
Mabon is the Harvest time.

We create Sacred Space, with our minds in altered states
With the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirits in a circle
We create a Magic place.

If you wish to help the Earth, celebrating life’s rebirth
Honor the Sabbats the whole year through
Mother Earth will smile in you

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