ArchangelRaphaelAngels have always been popular, with stories of angelic experiences becoming more commonplace. However, increasing numbers of people are going one step further and actually working with their angels. Thanks to books by authors such as Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper and Jacky Newcomb, people are learning to hear angelic guidance. But why are so many people drawn to the Angelic Realm, and what can be gained from working with angels?

Angelic Guidance

Listening to angels offers many benefits, not least the wisdom and guidance they impart. People initially think of guardian angels, but there are in fact countless angels waiting to offer their aid. Angels are unable to assist in human lives unless they are specifically asked, as to do otherwise would be to interfere in the free will of mankind. The only exception is intervening to save a life that is not yet due to pass over.

Asking the angels to assist with healing, manifestation, learning, protection and creativity are just a handful of examples of the innumerable ways in which angels can offer their services.

Meeting Your Angels

Connecting to your angels can range from noticing the signs that they leave, to audibly hearing their messages, or even actually seeing them. Opening up to psychic experience allows the angels to clearly communicate their messages.

In order to see or hear angels, the first step is to let them know you wish to work with them. Usually, they will make their presence known quickly, perhaps by leaving white feathers in unusual places, or speaking to you directly.

To connect with your guardian angel, meditate quietly and picture your angel in your mind’s eye. Ask your angel for a name, allowing it to come naturally. This might be in the form of mental pictures, a spoken word, or a name just coming to you out of the blue. If it feels right, it is likely to have come from your angel. Angelic messages always feel loving, comforting and peaceful, and contain no trace of ego, as angels are highly evolved beings of Light.

Listening to Angels

By tuning in and listening to what angels have to say, it is possible to achieve daily miracles, from the simple time saver of finding a parking space, to receiving guidance as to where your life path lies.

You may wish to work with angels regularly, or prefer to tune in as and when you need help. Either way, angels are there to provide loving and selfless assistance.

To connect with angels daily, create a regular time, ideally upon waking, when you can meditate with your angels and ask for blessings and guidance for the day ahead.

Ways to Work with Angels

As well as guardian angels, there are angels dedicated to all kinds of tasks, from healing and creativity, to protection and manifestation. Asking angels to heal yourself or others is a common request, along with discovering your life’s purpose, manifesting abundance, finding a soulmate relationship or protecting those you love.

Everyone is born with an inherent psychic ability, but if you are struggling, there are other ways to work with angels. Using oracle cards is one such way, with a plethora of card decks available in both esoteric shops and mainstream bookstores. Angelic messages are revealed by intuitively choosing cards from the deck.

The angels are waiting patiently to help in any way that they can, eager to assist in the healing and growth of human souls. The loving wisdom of the angels is readily available to everyone – all you have to do is ask!

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