What does it mean to be a witch?

Witch. The word that makes so many people shudder for so many different reasons. It’s a word with such a negative connotation, but such a rich and powerful meaning, and leaves one with the wonder of darkness and shadow. Witch is a very personal thing.

Witch for me is my most powerful self. Deeply grounded. Always healing and protecting myself and those I love. Bending attraction into my direction. Spreading peace and love wherever I go. Respecting nature. Following my intuition. Calling on my guides. Working with my inner wolf. Connecting with myself on all levels. Increasing my vibration. Meditation. Gratitude. Love. Light. This is what witch means to me.

Every witch’s journey is different, but in short, it’s really about being a good human being. It’s about keeping that cycle of giving and receiving in balance. It’s about helping others, and accepting help. And if you think of it like that, the world would be a much better place with more witches, and less bitches.

This isn’t about getting retribution for whatever has happened in the past. Forgive and let karma do what it needs to do. We all have ancestors who were slaughtered for some reason or the other. The world will always be in a state of war and it’s up to us, witches, to make sure that we live a life that we’re proud to live. Peaceful. And without casting further judgement.

A witch’s path is solitary. While we may want to join covens as a social gathering, the core of your path is solitary because it’s a personal journey. You have to accept that first. What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa. We have become so reliant on what others are doing and following a “leader” that we have forgotten what it truly means to follow your own intuition and guidance. You cannot read a book that says “this is precisely what you must to do” and expect it to work for the seven billion people that share the earth. It simply does not work like that; which is why personally, I believe that everyone should write their own incantations for spell work and swap certain ideas and items for their own. Independent thought is a necessary part of spellworking. Don’t look to others for validation; look inside yourself.

You are reading this for a definition, but witch is a personal, individual experience, so there isn’t a set definition. But here is something you should know. A witch is a human who is a tiny part of a massive eco-system on earth and completely in-tune with his/her environment, culture, and intuition. This person is constantly striving for the greater good for humanity and the earth as a whole, and does not strive to material power. This person is someone who is independent, confident, humble, and trusts themselves, thus allowing them to tap into their own source of power to heal and protect. A witch is the helping and healing hand we need to survive as a species on this planet.

I have not mentioned any form of psychic or divinatory talent. You are not defined by your skills, talents or lack thereof. Tarot, astrology and clairvoyance does not determine whether or not you’re a witch. I’ve also refrained from mentioning the frequency of your spellwork. You work based on your needs. You do not need to make offerings for the sabbats or esbats. I never really have. I spend those days of transition and change in meditation and introspection, discovering more about myself and learning as my path aligns with the world’s cycles.

Your practice is your own. It is personal. It is individual. Don’t let anyone take that from you.

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