Angels are messengers of love who serve as guardians and helpers between heaven and earth. The more you open your awareness to who they are and why they are here, the more you can invite their miracles of love and support into your everyday experience. You don’t have to be psychically gifted to connect or communicate with angels; they are here to serve all of humanity. Just affirm your desire and open your heart to them.

What Are Angels?

Angels are messengers from God. They can act as the link through which you can communicate between heaven and earth. Their role is to watch over you, protect you, and guide you along your human journey. The word “angel” comes from Greek word angelos, which means “messenger.” Angels are divine celestial beings who have not experienced living in a human body on the earth plane. God gave you the angels so you would never feel alone or abandoned by God. They vibrate in the same loving energy as God, and they are here to serve and help humanity with compassion, grace, joy, playfulness, and peace.

Throughout history, in almost every culture and religion, there have been stories and validations of the angels and their roles as messengers from heaven to earth. Their presence is portrayed in many different forms. In different religious scripture such as the Bible, the Koran, and the Kabbalah, the angels have been described as healers, messengers, and guides. Artists throughout time have been inspired by angels. Their paintings depict angels in various forms — a glowing light and aura surrounding them, human-like beings with glorious wings, some with a halo above their head or a musical instrument in their hands. Their appearance and purpose may vary throughout the world and its history, but their universal influence over mankind is a presence of love, guidance, and a reminder that we are not alone.

The Bible affirms God’s love for all in Psalms 91:11–12 “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

One important reminder: You were given two gifts to experience in this lifetime: free will and free choice. Whatever choices you make and however those choices play out, the angels are there to watch over in unconditional love. One important point about this gift of free will is that the angels will not interfere in your life unless you ask them. The only time they will intervene is if there is a life-threatening situation and it’s not your time to leave this earth plane. This is called divine intervention, and they will do whatever it takes to save your life. Many have shared their personal experiences of divine intervention when they were miraculously saved from a life-threatening situation. So the most important thing to remember when working with these divine celestial beings is to ask for help and guidance when you need it. This opens the doors to invite miracles into your life and to receive clear communication from God and the angels.

How Many Angels Are There?

There is a great curiosity among adults and children about how many angels there are. Scripture does not quote the exact numbers, but it does allude to their massive presence. For example in Daniel 7:10: “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.” And in Matthew 26:53: “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?”

Everyone has at least two guardian angels assigned to her by God, and they will be with you from birth to the time of death. So to get an idea about how many guardian angels there are in heaven, think about the number of human beings that have existed throughout time and multiply that number by two. Add that number to the divine helpers from the hierarchy of angels which will be discussed later in the book. These include the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and the other ministering angels who have their individual roles in God’s divine order.

Needless to say, one cannot even imagine how many angels there are, and yet it is evident that there are more than enough to go around. You have your personal guardian angels that were specifically assigned to you and later on you will learn about the specific angels you can call upon to help you in different aspects of your life. There are angels in abundance everywhere; just remember to ask for their help and guidance. They will rush to your side and you will feel their presence embrace you in love and protection.

What Do the Angels Look Like?

This is a very important question for those seeking to know more about the angels and how to connect with them. Angels have been portrayed in many forms: with wings and without, male and female, human and child, with a sword or trumpet, radiating in pure light or even appearing in multiple colors of light. This opens discussion to the possibility that everyone may have a different perception of angels. Many interpretations of the angels and what they look like are based on a person’s viewpoint, their culture, religious upbringing, belief system, and even their strongest intuitive senses. For example, if a person uses his sense of feeling to experience his surroundings he will most likely feel the presence of the angels around him. He may experience chills down his spine or warmth surrounding him. If someone uses this form of extrasensory perception it’s called clairsentience. A more visually oriented person may have an easier time seeing the angels through his inner vision or imagination. This form of extrasensory perception is called clairvoyance.

Clairsentience comes from the French word clair, meaning “clear,” and sentience, meaning “feeling.” This is a form of extrasensory perception where a person uses their sense of feeling to obtain psychic knowledge.

Clairvoyance originated from the seventeenth-century French word clair and voyances meaning “visibility.” It is the apparent ability to gain information about an object, location, or physical event through means other than the known human senses. This is a form of extrasensory perception where a person has the ability to obtain information about a person, an event, or even an object using their sense of inner sight. A clairvoyant is “one who sees clear.”

As you seek your own path of spiritual growth and intuition development, you will learn to trust your own experience of the angels and what they look or feel like to you. The angels know you better than you know yourself; be reassured that if you ask them; they will make their presence known to you.

Who Sees the Angels?

The angels are all around you and they appear in many forms. A veil separates you from the ability to see heaven and earth as one. For children, the veil is thinner and their beliefs are not clouded with fear, so many of them can naturally see the angels. Sometimes parents will witness their children interacting with “imaginary friends.” This could very possibly be their guardian angels communicating and playing with them.

In a 2005 Harris Poll, 68 percent of the people polled believed in angels. The number increased to 79 percent for those polled with an education of high school or less. Children tend to be more open and the veil seems to be thinner when you’re younger; therefore, there is an increased possibility of experiencing the angelic realm.

When close to the moment of death, some patients have reported witnessing an apparition of an angel or loved one coming to escort them back home. Those who are grieving from the loss of a loved one are also more open to receiving a visitation from the angels. One way the angels can appear to them is during their dream state. Many who have had this experience share that it seemed so real, even though they knew it was a dream.

Have you ever seen flashes or sparkles of light around you? Or have you ever seen a shadow of someone or something out of the corner of your eye? These can be a manifestation of the angels’ presence around you.

When divine intervention takes place in a life-threatening situation, the angels can render assistance by superimposing their celestial energy upon another human being. The person chosen may be totally unaware that this is taking place and they may act instinctively. So if you witness a person saving a life and being “in the right place at the right time,” you may actually be witnessing an angel performing a miracle.

Who can see the angels? Anyone can open their awareness to see the angels. It takes an open mind and heart and a desire to see beyond the veil.

Are Our Loved Ones Angels?

Many people feel and experience their loved ones who have passed as their guardian angels. Their presence and love never leaves you and, yes, it can feel as if they are still around you acting as your guardian angel. As mentioned before, the angels have never been in a physical form. They are celestial beings of pure light, love, and energy.

There are many people who claim to be mediums. You want to invest wisely and choose someone with experience and expertise. Ask around for referrals or do your research on the Internet. You can also look for a Spiritualist Church in your area. This is a spiritual community where the congregation gathers for healing and experienced mediums bring messages through from spirits.

Those that have passed and are now living in the spirit world are better referred to as spirit guides. Some loved ones may choose as part of their soul plan and evolution to be a spirit to help you along your life’s journey. It is said that those relatives you were named after at the time of birth have a soul contract to watch over you as spirit guides after their transition to the other side.

If you feel a loss or miss a loved one who is not with you anymore, open the channels of communication with them just like you would contact the angels. They are still with you in spirit and if you choose to, you can attune to their ever-present love and guidance.

If you are interested in communicating with your loved ones in spirit, do your research and seek out an experienced medium. They have natural abilities or they have developed their skills to communicate with this world. Their job is to deliver evidential information and messages of love proving the continuity of life after death. This information can be very healing and it can bring peace to those who are missing their loved ones.

How Can the Angels Help You?

Legions of angels are all around you and wait in assistance to serve you in countless ways. A prayer is a request to God for help, and in truth, there is no request that goes unheard. The angels assist in any way they can to help answer your prayers.

Angels are here to help with healing of all kinds — physical, emotional, and even healing of relationships and pets. If it’s physical or emotional healing you need, they will surround you with loving, healing energy and empower you to connect with your own inner healer. If you need outside support from others, they will connect you with the right people or resources you need to help you achieve health and wholeness. If you are in pain they will provide comfort and peace to help ease the pain.

If there is need for healing in your relationships with others, you can call on the angels for help. They may ask you to practice forgiveness, they may encourage you to communicate and express your feelings, or they can even give you peace if you need to let go of the relationship that is causing you pain.

The angels are there to assist all of God’s creations, including animals. So if you need guidance or healing for your pets, please remember to ask for whatever you need.

How do I ask the angels for help?

There is no formal way to ask. You can simply call out to the angels by name or you can say, “Angels, gather around me and surround me in your love.” Then ask for whatever you need. No prayer is too small or too large. Surrender your prayer to divine resolution and trust that your prayer has been heard and will be answered in divine timing.

There is help from God for all aspects of your life. If you are seeking a soul mate or looking for new friends, ask the angels for divine intervention so you connect with each other at the perfect place and time. If it’s time to look for a new place to live or buy a car, make a wish list of what you want. Give it to the angels, then pay attention and expect miracles. If you want help finding a new job or you need courage to live your life purpose, know the angels will be honored to assist you in any way they can. They know that it is possible for you to find the perfect job where you can experience happiness, success, and fulfillment. There are also angels who act as financial advisers in spirit. They can assist you in finding resources or opportunities to increase your income. They can help you heal debt and create financial balance. If you are looking to invest your money wisely, ask them to guide you to the resources that will help you create financial abundance.

Do You Need to be “Gifted” to Connect with the Angels?

You don’t have to be special or gifted to connect with the angels and receive messages of divine guidance. It simply requires an open mind and heart and a desire to learn.

Contemplate this thought for a moment: When you decided as a soul to birth into a physical life experience, the veil dropped between heaven and earth. Gradually you forgot the truth of who you are and where you came from. If you were to consciously lift the veil again, you would begin to remember that you are not separate from God and the angels. This is why many travel down the spiritual path seeking to reconnect with heaven and earth, so they can re-remember the truth of who they are. So if you believe this to be true, it’s perfectly natural and a part of your divine heritage to be one with the angels and God.

Another concept to reflect upon comes from the theory of quantum physics. It states that the universe is energy, you are energy, your thoughts are energy, and everything is energy. Everyone has energy centers called the chakras. They run throughout the body and they act as transmitters of energy. When your chakras are flowing and balanced your intuitive senses are heightened, attuning you to the energy of God and the angels. In this flow of consciousness you can gain clarity and receive messages of divine guidance. So if everyone has energy centers and God and the angels are energy, then everyone has the capability to make that connection.

Hopefully you can understand that God did not bless some with a special gift to communicate with the divine. We are all blessed in the oneness of God. Through the eyes of God and the angels there is no one more special than the other. It is a choice, and everyone has the ability to connect with the angels. It takes curiosity and a willingness to expand your consciousness beyond what you can see and touch. Choose to travel down the path of spiritual growth. Be open and willing to learn all you can. Learn to meditate, open your chakras, and attune your senses to the oneness of energy all around you. As you take this journey, you will witness the miracles of heaven and earth as one.

Be Open to Angels

It’s very natural to be a skeptic before a believer. You have your own personal history of religion and what’s been ingrained in your belief system since childhood. You may have had a negative experience and you are uncertain what to believe. If this is true for you, you can ask the angels to help you heal any old wounds so you can accept the love and peace of God and the angels.

Be a student and a curious seeker on the path of spirituality. Remember, the angels work only in the vibration of love, and this is their pure intention. If you experience fear, it resonates within you. This fear may come from a variety of sources: your parents’ beliefs, what you were taught in school, society, religion, television, and possibly fears from past life experiences. No matter what the source may be, you can change your belief system and decide what’s true for you.

Your truth will unfold with experience. As you open up to the angels, pay attention to your feelings and only do what feels right to you. The angels want you to feel safe and protected. They will walk side by side with you as you learn and grow. If you need to rebuild your trust in God, know that the angels are honored to assist you. They will give you everything you need to do this.

When you invite the angels into your life, expect positive changes to occur. One of the greatest gifts you will receive is knowing that you are never alone. The fear of being alone is a deep, unconscious fear that many deal with. When the angels are a part of your life this fear no longer exists. As you give your prayers and requests to the angels you begin to trust you have a team working behind the scenes. You experience a sense of peace and relief that you are not alone in your worries. You begin to witness your prayers being answered through synchronistic events and coincidences, and you experience a feeling of inner joy and magic. Life becomes exciting, and you look forward to playing with the angels every day.

It’s important to know that the angels feel honored to assist humanity. They recognize how brave you are to journey through your life experiences and they have compassion for every difficulty you go through. They will wrap you in their wings of love and help you in any way they can. They know you have soul lessons to learn and these challenges may be an opportunity for growth. During these difficult times ask the angels for strength, courage, and understanding. They will surround you in loving support and encouragement.

Lastly, the angels see you and your life experiences through the eyes of unconditional love. You are never judged for your choices or actions. There is nothing you could ever have said or done that would compromise the angels’ love for you. They want you to embrace yourself in unconditional love the way you are embraced by God and the angels. If you learn to accept their love it will be easier for you to love yourself, and when you love yourself it is easier to love another. The angels celebrate each and every time a human being remembers to love him or herself, and in turn, to love each other. As they witness this taking place, their purpose as messengers between heaven and earth is fulfilled.

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