Do you have a special crystal that you want to be more focused? Here is a simple method to wire wrap it and help focus the crystals energies:

Choose your wire based on a color compared to what you are focusing the crystal towards {Copper for love, etc.}

Once you have selected your wire, place about 1/8″ of the wire straight down the side of the crystal.

Bend the wire over the top of the crystal and wrap tightly and closely down until the wire going down the side cannot be seen.

With broader wraps go all of the way down the crystal with no more than a few wraps.

Go up with the same style of wrap making a criss-cross pattern.

When you reach the top wrap tightly and closely a few times.

Coat top of crystal with melted resin to seal it.

Once resin has dried, burn away the outer layer with a candle, leaving onley the resin inside it wire, sealing it.


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  1. Mandala Rain 8 years ago

    I am the artist that made the wire wrap in the sample photo, and I published this photo, which i took myself, on my site I did not give permission for my artwork to be used on this site. I wrote and asked that it be removed or credit be given but i was ignored. Please remove my photo. I do not want it to be given as an example to be copied.

    • Author
      lunasgrimoire 8 years ago

      Hi there, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. We did not receive any such request from you since we usually handle these items in 12-24 hours. It shall be removed forthwith. Again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

      • Mandala Rain 8 years ago

        Please check your email. I emailed the email address at the bottom of the page, [email protected]

        • Author
          lunasgrimoire 8 years ago

          I check that every few hours, it comes to my mobile; I really didn’t get anything from you.

          The image has been removed; sorry the any inconvenience caused.

        • Author
          lunasgrimoire 8 years ago

          Also, this image is freely available on Google images; we had a script which used to pull images for us from there. You should watermark your images in the future.

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