When talking possession of a new home, it is wise to cleanse the premises of residual energy left over from previous tenants. The rite described below is a traditional European method of exorcising this energy – it may also be used in an office or store, or in a home already occupied.

You will need:

  • incense, either stick, cone or charcoal burning
  • water with added salt in a glass or dish
  • bread that is regularly consumed by the self or family
  • a white candle in candle holder
  • a bell, preferably with a sweet ring

Arrange each item in a circle around you in that part of the house you consider to be the psychic hub of the dwelling – perhaps the kitchen or family room. While sitting comfortably within the middle of circle, light the candle and incense. Relax, breathing deeply for a moment to ground yourself, then take the salt and water mixture in your hands and say:

With this salt of the earth and water of the rains I purify this place of all but the most pure and beneficent energies.

Walk about the entire dwelling sprinkling the mixture as you go. Return to the circle and replace the salt and water. Take up the candle and say:

With this light I bring truth and wisdom to this place.

Walk about the home with the candle and return to the circle. Take up the bell and say:

With this bell I call forth love and joy, within this place all are bright and happy.

Ring the bell as you move about the home. With the bread in hand, say:

In this place there is abundance and prosperity.

Leave small chunks of bread in every room. With the incense in hand, say:

With this sweet perfume I bring peace and harmony here, all words and deeds in this place are sweet and harmonious.

Walk about the home wafting smoke into every corner. Return to the circle and relax. Feel the energies moving and circulating within the home. Enjoy the atmosphere and when you are ready blow out the candle and put away all items used in the rite. Leave the chunks of bread strewn about the home overnight and remove them in the morning.

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