See the Black Cauldron froth and bubble

brewing love, money, or boiling trouble.

Over the flames and smoke of fire

Witches bend, chant and conspire,

Mixing in strange herbal lore,

so set to right or even a score

The Knowledge of Witch, Wyse Wyfe and Hag

Could heal, or bless or cause to gag.

Herbs of mystery from long lost tomes,

Oils which bubble, seethe, and befoam.

Weaving a scented and spooky sell

to enliven the senses of whatever to quell

Gurgles and cackles and laughs of glee

Summon the powers that there be.

Only a Witch and the planetary Gods

Can bless with might or set all at odds.

Bubble, Cauldron, froth and foam,

Bring whatever my desires home.

Work the Magick of my witchy brew,

Chanted over this cauldrony stew.

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