Lust, fertility

Cultivated carrot roots are a rich source of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A by the liver.

When used as a regular item in the diet the roots improve eyesight and skin health, and also have anti-cancer effects.

A wonderful cleansing medicine, it supports the liver and stimulates urine flow and the removal of waste by the kidneys.

The root is diuretic and ophthalmic.

The juice of organic carrots is a delicious drink and a valuable detoxifier.

The raw root, grated or mashed, is a safe treatment for threadworms, especially in children.

The seed is carminative, galactogogue, lithontripic and stimulant.

They are useful in the treatment of kidney diseases, dropsy and to settle the digestive system.

They stimulate menstruation and have been used in folk medicine as a treatment for hangovers.

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