The blessing of a newborn ritual the author likes best involves calling a circle, surrounded by family and friends. The child is anointed with a SAFE oil, or just pure water, and presented to the four corners. Blessings are spoken over the child, and then the circle ends and everyone celebrates and feasts.

Newborn Blessing

“Blessed be your breath.
May your breathing be deep and relaxed.
May you breathe in power with every breath you take.
Blessed be each breath you take.
Blessed be the fire inside you.
May your will be unbroken.
And may it be as strong as fire, and as supple.
May your will be as strong as water, and as supple.
May your passions burn truly and free.
Blessed be your fire, may it burn strong.
Blessed be the waters of your life.
May your blood be strong.
May the flow from your loin be joyful and fertile.
Blessed be all your life-waters.
Blessed be the earth of your body.
May your muscles be strong and fearless.
May your heart beat with love, soul, vigor and courage.
Blessed be your body that is the body of a God.
Blessed be your spirit.
May you always have health in spirit.
May you be whole.
Blessed be your spirit.
May you always have community.
May you be prosperous in all ways.
May you love and be loved.
May your voice —
both your complaints and your special offerings to the world —
be truly heard.
May you always be surrounded by the warmth of family & community.
May you know the innate goodness of your being.
Blessed Be.”

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