Also called gem elixir, crystal essence remedies is an ancient way to use crystals by immersing them in water to extract their healing essence in much the same way as herbs are used to make tea. You may think that is not a valid way of using crystals or completely sceptical of this but it does work, I do not know how but it does. For example it is also known that a jug of water that sits on a magnetic plate becomes magnetised and somehow the water changes in taste and helps with beneficial magnetic therapy. Magnetism is just a stronger easily identified form of crystal therapy. Many people use lodestones for healing and hematite is also slightly magnetic. All crystals have these energies, though most are much more subtle than magnets.

To make your crystal elixir, place a clean crystal in a glass of (preferably spring) water. Make sure the crystal is hard and smooth. If water can damage them do not use them also if they have cavities that could harbour harmful organisms do not use them. It is also important that the crystal is pure, not embedded in or alongside another mineral, else there may be a danger of poisoning. Poisonous minerals could be accidentally ingested, arsenic is a metal remember!

1. Once you have chosen and cleaned the appropriate stone, place in a glass tumbler, jar or bottle.

2. Fill the vessel with enough water to completely cover the stone.

3. Cover the container to prevent contamination.

4. Put the container in a safe place where it can absorb as much direct sunlight as possible, or moonlight if preparing a remedy that is meant to calm, relax or boost receptivity. You can leave it in the water for as long as a minute to twelve hours.

5. Finally strain the liquid from the stone.

Before you drink the elixir and afterwards a few minutes rest is recommended as although the elixir helps the healing to happen, it is your own life-force that actually brings about the healing.

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