Fidelity, protection, and exorcism.

The seed is said to prevent the theft of any object which contains it.

Burn with frankincense for protection.

Scatter on the floor alone or with salt to drive out evil.

Use in love spells to promote fidelity.

Steep in wine to make love potions.


Cumin is an aromatic, astringent herb that benefits the digestive system and acts as a stimulant to the sexual organs.

It has been used in the treatment of minor digestive complaints, chest conditions and coughs, as a pain killer and to treat rotten teeth.

The seed is antispasmodic, carminative, galactogogue, stimulant and stomachic.

A general tonic to the whole digestive system, it is used in the treatment of flatulence and bloating, reducing intestinal gas and relaxing the gut as a whole.

In India it is also used in the treatment of insomnia, colds and fevers and to improve milk production in nursing mothers.

Ground into a powder and mixed into a paste with onion juice, it has been applied to scorpion stings.

The herb has been used externally as a poultice to relieve stitch and pains in the side.

The essential oil obtained from the seed is antibacterial and larvicidal.

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