General Uses: Finding work, improved prosperity, job security, peace with one’s work placement

Timing: Moon in Virgo. Spring and summer when foliage is lush and green Sunday afternoons (when want ads come out for the following week) Month of April. (My adaptation for this time of year would be to visualize the falling leaves as little bits of prosperity “falling” into your life, bringing opportunities to you. The moon in Jupiter would be good as well since it rules money issues. But certainly do this during the waxing cycle of the moon)

You will need:

  • Basil
  • chamomile
  • ginger
  • clove
  • dill
  • oats
  • peas
  • almond
  • other herbs or foods of abundance
  • Tin for luck
  • The numbers 4, 6, and 13
  • Your first earned dollar bill
  • Want ads and business cards
  • Lively green hues for prosperity, or orange for a successful harvest from your efforts

Sample Spells:

Cut out the want ads that appeal to you most. Clip four, six, or thirteen of them, making notes to use later for your calls. Next, tie these together with a long string. To this bundle attach a silver coin or piece of tin, then place it across the table from you. Burn a green candle rubbed with ginger (energy and prosperity) and visualize getting a call from a prospective employer. As this vision becomes clear in your mind, draw the string and bundle towards you, saying,

My goal is sure,
My need is strong,
help me find where I belong.
To meet my needs,
employment I seek,
bring me success
by the end of the week.

When the paper reaches your hand, keep the tin to carry, then set the paper aflame. This releases the energy before inquiries begin. Success with this spell includes getting solid leads, landing interviews and receiving callbacks.

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