Lady of the Silver Wheel,
Lord of Magic’s Mystery,
Work according to my will,
Elements, I conjure ye!

Goddess of the crossroads, lord who shows the track,
Take us swiftly to our goal, and safely bring us back.

Circle Invocation

Eastward I stand, air I bid listen:
Whirl us through wind to the place behind thought;
Protect us from harms that come by air or arrogance;
Help us to know the message of acts.

Southward I stand, fire I bid listen:
Speed us through flame to the place before spirit;
Protect us from harms that come by fire or anger;
Help us to see what darkness conceals.

Westward I stand, water I bid listen:
Float us on waves to the place below feeling;
Protect us from harms that come by water or fear;
Help us to dare the opening of our hearts.

Northward I stand, earth I bid listen:
Lead us through stone to the place beyond flesh;
Protect us from harms that come by land or avarice;
Help us to hold body and spirit together.

Centered I stand, ancestors I bid listen:
Guide us through worlds to the realm of the gods;
Protect us from the harms that come by unknowing;
Give us the wisdom to discern what we shall see.

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