This is a very effective love spell, which worked for me. It is a little difficult.

Lend an object to the person you are in love with.

If they fail to return the item quickly (which is a good sign), then obtain/borrow an object from them. A necklace is best-especially if it has a natural stone on it. However a watch, ring, book or any other personal item will do, especially if they carry it on their person.

Having obtained the object, keep it for 1, 2 or 3 days. If it is an object that will not be perished by water, place it in the most beautiful glass receptacle you can find, covering it with water. If water will damage the object, then either bury it in rock salt (or normal salt) in a glass container. Failing this, wrap it in a red cloth with three clear quartz crystals and then place in a glass container. If it is a very large object place it on a glass plate.

Prepare an altar in your favorite, most spiritual place. Place the glass container with the object in it on the altar. Leave for 3-4 hours in darkness at night.

The next night, place your favorite incense on the altar. Suspend the object above the burning incense, ensuring that the smoke flows over it. Leave in this position until the incense has completely burnt away.

Return item to owner. This should result in the beginnings of a relationship between you and the person–but be aware, the signs can be very subtle.

I thought the spell did not work until three weeks later I found a tiny note in my coat pocket. 🙂

by Comus (Source)

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