You will need:

  • White Candle
  • Silver bowl (if you don’t have real silver any shiny silver colored metal will do just make sure it is something safe to use for drinks/food in case you wish to use your water in recipes you intend to consume later. You can also simply put a mirror in the bottom of any bowl, though if I do this I prefer to use fired clay or some other natural material)
  • Water (preferably rain water or water from a nearby natural river, lake, pond, stream.. if you use tap water you might want to do a purification spell on it first)

As the Moon rises and is high enough to be reflected in your bowl light the candle and pour the water into the bowl as you do so say the invocation

“Mother Moon, Lady of Light
Bless this water on this night
Purify and lend your Power
For us (me) to use in the needed hour

Goddess of the Silver Wheel
Impart your love and power to heal
Inspiration and astral flight
Lend your your Power to the water this night”

Repeat the spell x3 and leave the water out in moon’s light overnight (if it is completely safe to do so you can leave the candle burning, otherwise extinguish it to prevent accidents) Be sure to get up early enough to collect your water before the Sun rises. I pour the water into dark blue wine bottles and keep them in the back of the kitchen cupboard so that the sunlight doesn’t touch the water. You now have Full Moon water that is blessed with the powers of the moon and the goddess to use in future rituals and castings that require Full Moon power.


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