This is a spell I wrote to help you forgive and accept yourself, when you know you’ve done something wrong, and can’t stop worrying about it.

by Kitty

Chant 3 times:

Conscious is this memory of mine,
always at the back of my mind.
Invoking guilt, invoking shame,
causing me such emotional pain.
Too long these thoughts have filled my head,
whilst acting as a spiritual debt.
What’s in the past has come and gone,
now I have learnt where I wentwrong.
Through forgiveness of the act.
Through acceptance of what’s now known.
From the memories which haunt me, I can finally be left alone.
Always in my conscience, the moral shall reside,
but from the act that taught it, the moral shall divide.
And as my mind begins to clear,
this memory shall disappear.
Let this spell not be reversed,
or placed upon me as any curse.
As is my will, this shall be done.
So mote it be! The spell is done!

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