First, and most importantly, you must be comfortable. I’ve found that either sitting down or laying down help with this. Find a place that feels good, a place you are familiar with and comfortable in.

Next, light one sandalwood and one sage incense. (You may use homemade or store bought.) Place one on either side of you.

Concentrate on feeling positive energy flow through your body. Use this energy to envelope all your impurities. As this positive energy engulfs your negative impurities, try to draw the negative energy out of yourself.

As the smoke from the incense rises, it takes the impurities with it. Feel the smoke wrap around your body drawing the impurities into it. As the impurities leave you, you will feel the negative energy leave as well, lifting a weight off of you.

When you feel your impurities gone, you should allow the incents to burn out, carrying positive energy with them.

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